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Making, Doing, Dreaming in Missoula

Testing my brain in ways that are new and unfamiliar brings me so much joy, and frustration. I’m convinced that pushing myself to do things that I know will be a challenge (and that I may even fail at), keeps my ego at bay and overall creates a bigger canvas to exceed goals.

This year, a few of my new hobbies and goals I have completed are as follows: Helped teach a cadaver lab, trained to be a nurse's aid, became an Uber driver, started as a freelance photographer for Missoula Valley Lifestyle Magazine, trained for a half marathon, recorded myself playing guitar and singing, began horseback riding lessons, competed in the Miss Montana pageant (a HUGE step outside of my comfort zone), and am working toward becoming a certified Veterinary Technician. I also have started various crafts like knitting, sewing, Kombucha brewing and working with leather to make jewelry and accessories with my extremely supportive cowboy. We created an Etsy (HandmadeMT) and let our crafty dreams take flight. Mostly specializing in leather wallets, earrings, and home decor. 

This list is a small sample of what I dream of accomplishing. Some of them I did, simply because I thought I couldn’t. There were times that I had to stop and come back to a project, or wanted to scream at the thought of threading one more needle, or walk down the runway in my bikini in front of a panel of judges.

My hopes for you, the reader, is that the next time you doubt something you do, or find yourself in fear of failure, you can think of this little parting thought and that random Missoula gal who decided that failure was the building blocks to a better future. 

There’s no better place to dream than under this Big Sky.