Making Dreams Come True

Roberta O'Banion: Helping Families Build Memories

Roberta O’Banion isn’t simply a real estate agent – she’s in the business of making dreams come true.

“Owning a home is a dream,” she said. “It’s the place you raise your family and build memories.”

Her Story

O’Banion grew up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. When she was 22, she moved to the United States to expand her law degree and learn another language. She settled in San Diego, decided to shift her energy toward travel planning instead, and stayed. Online travel agencies were tough competition, but O’Banion offered what many online outfits didn’t: superior customer service.

“My clients knew that if they were traveling out of the country and had a problem, they could always reach me,” she said. “I was always available.”

Then, 9/11 hit and travel ground to a halt.

O’Banion’s career path zagged again – this time into real estate, where she has thrived for more than two decades. Four years ago, O’Banion and her family moved to Colorado Springs during the so-called bomb cyclone of 2018. Their son laughingly asked whether Colorado was such a great idea, but they have since settled in and love this community.

Hard Work + Honesty

Growing up in Brazil helped shape the type of real estate agent she is. Her parents guided their children to work hard, to earn their money, and to always be honest and ethical.

“I don’t have a filter,” she said, laughing. She said she regularly tells her clients, “You might not want to hear this, but… Then I show them the numbers with examples.”

In other words, she sees her primary job as bringing her clients back to reality. About being honest. About sharing information and helping people think in the long term rather than in the moment when buying a house.

“It’s all about creating that trust,” she said.

Going the Extra Mile

So, with thousands of agents in the Pikes Peak region, how does she set herself apart? O’Banion tries to give every client an edge. That often includes:

  • A complimentary staging consultation. 
  • A visit from O’Banion the evening before photos to make sure everything looks great.
  • A complimentary home clean-up to prepare for an open house. 
  • Checklists to help prepare for home inspection and appraisal.
  • Virtual showings for potential buyers who aren’t able to visit in person.
  • Helping clients find the right home for them, even if means a lower commission for O’Banion.

“Taking care of people has always been my passion and what I do the best. … the only way to be happy is to do what you love,” O’Banion said.

The Real Estate Market

There are some indications that the local market is cooling a bit. What guidance is O’Banion giving clients? First, she said everyone should stop trying to time the market.

“If this is the right time in your life for you to move, you find a place you like, and you can afford the monthly payments, go for it!” she said.

For buyers, increased inventory means properties are sitting on the market longer than they were during this time last year and there typically are fewer home showings per property. The extended days on market can prove valuable to score a deal on a home, she said.

“But be sure to balance your expectations,” she added. “Sellers still hold the cards as long as there are fewer homes for sale.”

As for sellers, O’Banion said one of the biggest mistakes they can make is pricing a home too high. That typically leads to fewer showings, fewer offers, and could ultimately result in an unnecessary price reduction, she said. 

“If your home sits on the market too long, buyers may think that there’s something wrong with the property (even if there isn’t). … Don’t make the mistake of getting greedy!” she said.  

Shevock Real Estate

After many years in real estate, O’Banion finally found the perfect fit in Shevock Real Estate.

“We have a vision for a small but mighty, hand-crafted real estate team,” she said. “Our team is just the right size. We’re committed to making a positive impact in Colorado Springs while maintaining our intimate style and providing the absolute best possible experience for our clients.”

Perhaps most important to O’Banion is that every team member believes that there should be no exceptions to honesty and integrity – in doing the right thing simply because it is the right thing to do.

Website: dreamhomesbyroberta.com/ + shevockrealestate.com/
Instagram + Facebook : @DreamHomesByRoberta

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