Making History

Setting the scene at Key West's oldest homestead

One of my favorite projects of 2022 was The Oldest House and Garden of Key West.

The Oldest House in Key West and all of South Florida features family portraits and original furnishings, as well as other period pieces, ship models, and documents telling the story of old Key West. It's spectacular.  In the rear of the house is a spacious, peaceful garden, where benches invite you to sit and reflect. There, you will see the oldest surviving Cook House in South Florida.

The project checked a lot of boxes for our team. It was a public space, but still small enough for intimate detail. It had sensitive and protected species within the garden. There was a historical component, and there was a need for expanded event spaces. So for us, this one project tapped into all of our skill sets. Working with the Board and the City of Key West, we developed a space that is beautiful, functional and sustainable. Antique brick was used for the new footpaths and gathering spaces. The plant pallet was classic tropicals including orchids, elephant ears, ginger, philodendrons, palms, iris and ferns.

Of course, not all of our projects have a historic component. We are also very busy designing residential properties and resorts throughout Florida with every imaginable context and motif.

Who needs a landscape architect?

Decorating serves one purpose: to create temporary beauty. As landscape architects, we design, and in doing so, we put value in aesthetics–but our goals and purpose go far beyond that. While crafting your plan, we consider sustainability, functionality, budget, maintenance, habitat, environmental stewardship, quality control, bid procurement, and property value improvement.

Mike Flaugh, Landscape Architect 

 Member American Society of Landscape Architects 



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