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Making Home

Designers Leave their Ego at the Door to Bring Dreams to Life

We’ve all heard the saying, “home is where the heart is,” but of course, that can mean a million different places. For some, the people in your life make a home, or perhaps it’s the neighborhood you grew up in. To the creators behind Niche Design house, home is a safe space to live your life and be your true, authentic self. This month, we interviewed the Niche Design House dream team, Becky Allsup, and Sara Ballenski for a chance to view the process of styling a home through the eyes of our favorite interior designers! 

Niche Design House has been transforming homes since 2003. These two are a powerhouse, inspired daily through making clients’ homes reflect who they are. “It’s not my style, it’s their style and implementing it in a functional way,” Allsup states. 

The team describes their business as luxurious, quality, and full of integrity. While most design firms have a certain style they go for in every design they make, Niche stands out because it doesn’t have its own set look. 

“We don’t bring a cookie-cutter design to the table,” states Ballenski. “We figure out who the client is and we design for that client is specific to them, there’s no one size fits all.” This dedicated approach bases an entire interior design on the individual’s input, stating that the home should reflect the owner and you shouldn’t be able to tell who the designers are.

So what does it take to build a completely original design from the ground up? It all starts with strong project management, working through the details and knowing front to back how to make something work. Allsup further tells us that you should be able to run the project well and that it should be a fun experience. 

Thinking about a remodel? We asked what the latest design trends are coming up today.  “We are seeing a lot of functionality being more important than the aesthetic,” says Ballenski. Minimalist designs have been going away with the present trend of everyone working from home.

No matter what design fits you, the relationship between you and the designer is everything! Creating true friendships with clients by the end of a job is one of the most enjoyable aspects of a Niche home design. Not only that but having a professional’s input on your home can further the overall comfort, functionality, and relationships within it! Allsup states that good conversation areas, color, and even lighting are a few things people don’t know they’re missing.

Interior design is a constantly evolving art that can take a home from old to modern, functional, and unique to you! Luckily, the amazing team at Niche Design House is right here and ready to take any home to the next level.