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Making Real Estate Investments Pay Off

Experts from Blanchard and Calhoun’s family of businesses share five ways to make or save money through real estate

Article by Michelle W. Parnell

Photography by Jarius Smith

Originally published in Evans City Lifestyle

The real estate industry provides a wide range of opportunities for investment and financial gain. “Home ownership and investing in real estate is one way of improving one's financial future and giving one financial security,” explains Susan Salisbury, top selling agent with Blanchard and Calhoun Real Estate Co. “Plus, the real estate market is open to all age groups and all income levels.”

According to Susan, there are five great ways to save or make money through real estate and Blanchard and Calhoun’s family of businesses, which has been serving the local community for over a century, can help with each one. “By working with me,” shares Susan, “it's an opportunity for me to help somebody purchase a home, invest in real estate, or sell their home for top dollar while introducing them to Blanchard and Calhoun’s family of businesses.” The partnership results in smooth transactions and superior customer service.

Property Ownership

“The main way somebody can make money or save money with real estate is through property ownership,” says Susan. “When you own a home, you make money by updating and maintaining your property, which increases the property’s value. When one does want to sell the house, it creates a smooth and quick transaction and top dollar sales price.”

Mortgage Interest Rates

Locking in the best interest rates available is essential for real estate investors. “Now is a great time to make purchases in the real estate market,” says Melissa Fulghum of Augusta Mortgage Company. “We are starting to see an increase of rates. However, rates are still good and very affordable!”

Homeowner’s Insurance

“At Blanchard & Calhoun Insurance, we represent over fifteen A-rated insurance companies,” explains Brad Thomas, Account Executive with Blanchard & Calhoun Insurance Agency. “Our independent agents can help you compare coverage and premium options with many top-rated insurance companies to find the solution that is right for you. Bundling your insurance allows you to obtain the best premium discounts and helps avoid unnecessary gaps in coverage.”

Investment Properties

Investment properties can take many different forms. “You can either flip the property and make money on the resale or you can buy the property and then have it as a rental property,” says Susan. “Short-term rental property, such as an Airbnb, is another income stream plus the property goes up in value over time. Our property management department can manage the property for somebody, and the person gets the benefit of the increased equity in the home and the income stream from the rent with none of the headaches.”


Commercial Property Investment

“When it comes to investment property, think outside of the box and create opportunities,” says Scott Brantley, Commercial Agent with the Beman Group at Blanchard and Calhoun. “You could purchase a residential property in a commercial corridor, have it rezoned, then lease or sell it as a professional office. You could also buy a larger building and divide it to have several different size spaces and appeal to multiple tenants versus one larger tenant. A large number of deals we’ve done weren’t on the market to start with or were originally planned to be something else.”

For more information on pursuing real estate investment in any form, contact Susan at or by calling 317-847-7216 or 706-868-1000.