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LYP Brings Strong, Spirited Leaders Together

Article by Bill Furbee

Photography by Matt Capps of Loveland Premium Portraits

Originally published in Loveland Lifestyle

For nearly five years, the Loveland Young Professionals organization has enriched the community, “uniting and developing our young people,” says Meredith Taylor. “It’s a platform for members to build relationships, develop professionally and impact our community. We strive to cultivate future leaders, work to keep our young professionals in the area, and foster economic growth.”

“Most young professionals have the same concerns,” adds Nick Winnenberg. “‘How do I grow in my career? How do I (maintain) work-life balance?’ We wanted to create a social network that helps young professionals connect with each other—not just for development, but also for support.”

It’s about new adventures, as well—upcoming LYP events include a tour of Cartridge Brewing in July, a river float in August, and Party in the Park in September.

So what makes an organization like this so important for young professionals—and our community? We asked the experts.

Brien Gearin
2020 YP of the Year

“When small businesses do well, the community thrives. I really enjoy knowing my work helps strengthen those businesses and our community,” says Brien. Founder and CEO of Ricochet Digital Marketing, Brien specializes in advertising, copywriting and digital marketing.

“Without a strong community, we’re just a bunch of strangers inhabiting similar space. Community is what brings people together, makes us want to go out and enjoy our town, and always do what we can to help improve it—to ensure it’s an enjoyable place to live and work.”

Brien’s not only learned from his experiences, he’s ready to help other young leaders succeed as well. “There are so many ways in which young professionals can lead in our community, and I hope to inspire others by example.”

He’s also hopeful that the organization can positively impact the future of Loveland.

“LYP has really shown me what it means to be part of such a great community, and prepared me to make Loveland a better place after meeting the people who make Loveland ‘tick’—successful longtime business owners, the mayor, city council members—plus, connecting with those closer to my age helps us feel like we’ve had a hand in building Loveland’s future.”

Meredith Taylor
LYP Co-founder

“Our mission to connect young professionals has always stayed true,” Meredith points out—even when those young professionals found themselves navigating a pandemic.

Last year, for example, the group hosted virtual trivia nights and events at the Loveland Museum Center. Other events include happy hours with special guests from local nonprofit organizations, such as the Pink Ribbon Girls and NEST CLC. “Healthy happy hours” have included a visit to Power Ryde, and a climb at Mosaic planned for later this year.

“Our river float is a favorite,” Meredith says. “We try to have a good time, while also being a part of the community.”

Nick Winnenberg
LYP Co-founder

“We bring in people from the community to have conversations,” Nick says of the group’s events. “We love hosting business owners, nonprofit leaders, government leaders and more. We want people to get involved in their community—and that’s led to some really great conversations.”

According to Nick, the value to LYP members is about so much more than business networking.

“We’ve tried a lot of creative things,” Nick continues. “The one consistent thing is that at every event, friendships form. Eventually, we realized that’s the actual value behind LYP—long-lasting, authentic relationships.”

Interested in sitting on the Young Professionals planning committee? For more information, or to get involved, contact the Chamber at 513.683.1544 or 

We wanted to create a social network that helps young professionals connect with each other—not just for development, but also for support

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