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LOLA Supports Mental Health in the Community as a Priority of Wellness

LOLA stands for Loss of Life Advocates and is a unique service that helps both individuals and businesses prepare for losses or any life changing events that have adverse effects. LOLA helps walk people through their losses and changes and helps them with the aftermath.

They help with navigating through paperwork, funeral arrangements, insurance claims, needed care and support, and moving.  They are a concierge service for those preparing for or dealing with death by providing a wide variety of guidance options, services, and referrals for both corporations and individuals, all under one roof. 

LOLA clients will receive personal support at any phase of loss or change; help with logistical issues as well as emotional concerns.

Esther Cardenas spent 20 years as a life and health insurance agent before she created LOLA after losing both her father and her husband within just two months of each other. She quickly found herself in over her head when it came time to process both the personal and the business side of these devastating losses. 

 “When you are in a vulnerable position, people can take advantage of you, especially on the business side,” she explains, adding that she learned many lessons the hard way. It was through those experiences that she realized that there was not a comprehensive program in place to address all her many questions. As a result, it took her nearly three years of trial and error to settle both estates.

“I didn’t want anyone else to go through what I went through so I created LOLA to serve as a flashlight for people going down this dark tunnel.”
Certified in Grief Recovery Method, Esther serves as Chair of the Final Acts Project, Texas, and holds a certification as a DISC (Dominant, Influencing, Steady, and Compliant) Behavioral
©Loss of Life Advocates Specialist. Her credentials along with her personal experience give this mother of two a unique perspective on end of life issues from both an emotional and practical view that she is able to bring to her clients.

Austin Lead Certified Advocate, Debi Douglass, said, “Potential clients should know that having someone to count on when facing each part of a loss is very helpful. There are so many details to tend to that having a clear head is important and we are here to help.”

LOLA navigates through loss and change by referring to experts in relevant fields to make sure each client gets the the help they need. In Austin they support veterans through events and volunteering as well.

Their ideal client is anyone who is experiencing loss or change in their personal or business life. 

Debi highlighted a quote that relates to LOLA’s mission, "Life's most persistent and urgent question is what are you doing for others?" MLK Jr.

“We are the guide through the maze of what happens before and after a loss.”    --Esther Cardenas, Founder of LOLA

LOLA is here in the community to help and they have so much to offer! Discover more about what they do and how you can help or help others in need of this service. 

Austin's contact is Debi Douglass, Certified LOLA Advocate 512-650-5496

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