Making Your Business OUR Business

How one true blue serial entrepreneur transitioned from “player” to “coach”

"So, you want the why."

It didn't take long for Benson Fischer (known to most as Benny), CEO and chief strategist of ZivZo, to understand the assignment of our conversation. As a man with more than 45 years of entrepreneurial experience who created dozens of businesses across an unfathomably broad spectrum of industries, one can't help but consider the source of such untappable ambition.

Examining Fischer's history breaks and broadens preconceived notions of the quintessential businessman. Perseverance, while at the heart of any enduring enterprise, is lifted with artistry and humor. Furthermore, the cliche of capitalistic urge for self-aggrandizement is replaced with Fischer's earnest responsibility to his clients.

"We can’t help anyone’s business until we know everything about it,” he says. “Once we learn about the business, we know where we need to go."

The jobs of Fischer's youth conjure a Norman Rockwell-esque image of American suburbia—the classic tale of learning the value of a dollar through honest jobs like snow shoveling, leaf raking, and grass cutting. But it was the early tasks of door-to-door pre-selling children's pictures for a photographer, selling telescope pictures on Ocean City’s beach by day, and parking cars at a hotel by night, that brought an undeniable light to his reminiscing. They represent the early seeds of Fischer’s lifelong penchant for cultivating legacy.

"An emotional connection with every client is key. I feel a huge obligation and commitment … if I can help someone's business grow and feel like I had a part in their success, that is everything to me."

"My excitement is all about how far I can take a client's business," Fischer says.

ZivZo, a multi-fastened advertising agency operating across an array of mixed-media realms, is the result of Fischer's years of experience. While the industries in his catalog of business ventures are dissimilar, the throughline has been his unwavering vision.

"What you're selling first is trust,” he explains “If people don’t trust you, they’ll never buy your products or use your services."

Part of Fischer's enthusiasm grew around ZivZo when he realized its impact would be tied to those relationships in the community he'd spent a lifetime cultivating. ZivZo provides services to a dozen clients in Potomac and the client base extends throughout the country. The marketing agency is built upon its technical prowess and lives and breathes off the care Fischer exhibits for his clients. This adoration is exemplified in the company's newest offering, Legacy Videos. Legacy Videos are mini-documentaries giving people the opportunity to tell their life stories. Loaded with family memorabilia, they’re designed for future generations to get to know their family's ancestors.

Fischer describes ZivZo as his "last hurrah" and reiterates that this is where his collected knowledge and wellspring of energy will be focused. Still, he is happy to remember the lessons he learned along his unpredictable path. 

"You learn more from a bad deal than a good deal,” he says. “When I tell someone that something they're doing isn't going to work, it's because I've tried it myself three or four times." 

So, what makes an entrepreneur? According to Fischer, it's confidence in knowing what won't work as much as what will, an unbreakable resilience amidst the most turbulent setbacks, and an emphasis on relationships.

"We make your business OUR business," he says.


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Fischer started ZivZo with a desire to see others benefit from his wealth of experience. When someone engages ZivZo, they not only get a focused marketing, advertising, and video production agency, but they also get 45 years of business experience advice at no additional cost.

The baseline offerings include traditional and digital marketing, graphic design, social media strategy, video production, video animation, lead generation, SEO, website design, and much more. With glowing testimonials from customers nationally and internationally, ZivZo is the greater Potomac's leading marketing agency.

"An emotional connection with every client is key. I feel a huge obligation and commitment … if I can help someone's business grow and feel like I had a part in their success, that is everything to me."

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