Making your Home a Healthy Haven

Innovative trends to a cleaner and healthier home

Of course, having a healthy home is on everyone's mind these days, and for a good reason. Every year, Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery carefully reviews and curates a selection of innovative products in plumbing, lighting, and appliances for Trends & Influences. Working from market research and with industry insiders, they assess current trends. According to Nicole Levy, Ferguson Bath, Kitchen and Lighting marketing manager for the Southwest district, "In this year's Trends and Influences, the Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery experts identified a trend we like to call 'Healthy Haven'."  

In 2022, the health and well-being of our home are on many people's minds, especially indoor air quality (IAQ.) Plus, according to Ryan Donovan, senior category manager for indoor air quality at Ferguson, a seller of plumbing and HVAC products, systems in the future will become more sensitive. He was quoted in the Wall Street Journal as saying, "In 10 years, I do think it's possible that the sensor will tell you there's a flu virus."

Homeowners have never had to think about their homes' health, especially the IAQ in the way they are now. And it goes beyond their homes. They want contractors to recommend the proper home healthy home and IAQ solution for the buildings where they work, shop, and where their children go to school. A healthy home and IAQ solution are an investment in peace of mind in themselves and their family's well-being for years to come. Thankfully, there are many ways to create a cleaner, more hygienic home.

Implementing innovative technologies like a hands-free faucet or light switch, clothes sanitizer or anti-bacterial exhaust fan, and healthy practices can help you clean faster, cook smarter and rest easier. With studies linking poor indoor air quality to serious health problems such as asthma and allergies, it is no wonder why people feel this way and put creating a healthy home at the top of their 2022 resolution list.

There are many ways to create a cleaner and healthier home, from the simple to the complex. For instance, an easy and cost-effective way to reduce indoor pollution is by opening windows and doors for 5 minutes each hour.

According to Donovan in a recent EatingWell article on humidifiers said, "Because today's modern homes are so energy efficient, they allow for very little fresh air to get in or stale air to get out." Each home is different. Humidifiers (and dehumidifiers depending on where you live and the house or building) and other IAQ solutions are starting to be part of the entire HVAC ecosystem. Therefore, he recommends "working an HVAC professional who can measure the baseline of what is going on and provide data-driven solutions that address the problem areas using IAQ solutions."

For example, suppose you live in a dry climate. In that case, your HVAC-IAQ professional may recommend upgrading to a whole-home humidifier since it only requires yearly maintenance of filter and canister replacements. Keeping your humidity at the proper levels improves your indoor air quality has many proven benefits, including relieving nasal congestion, stopping the spread of colds and flu, preventing dry skin, and protecting flooring and furniture. Additionally, it improves hair and scalp health and prevents dry skin.

Another way to enjoy the benefits of hydration is steam. Steam is known to help clear congested sinuses, great for chronic allergy sufferers. According to Levy, a steam shower can help improve circulation as well as encourage the body to relax, the perfect way to wind down before bedtime for a better night's sleep."

Here are other products and tips curated by the Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting team in this year's Trends & Influences to help create a healthier home environment:

·         Touchless faucets and bidet toilets reduce touchpoints to decrease the spread of germs.

·         A combination air-whirlpool tub allows you to relax, recover, and reinvigorate right in your bathroom. The textured, slip-resistant bottom helps prevent falls, while the acrylic construction is easy to clean.

·         Keep the air cleaner with a ceiling fan that not only keeps you cool and circulates the air but has ultraviolet technology, verified through independent laboratory testing to kill 99.99% of SARS-CoV-2 (causes COVID-19) and other airborne pathogens while safely neutralizing allergens, odors, and fumes.

·         A kitchen faucet with a built-in water dispenser ensures your water is safe to drink and tastes good as well.

·         Consider a steam oven, which allows you to effortlessly cook your food in one of the healthiest ways. 

·         Get dishes cleaner with a dishwasher with customizable features, a high-capacity interior, and a Sani-Rinse option that eliminates 99.999% of food soil bacteria by adding a high-heat final rinse to sanitize dishes.

·         Keep the laundry room clean and fresh, beginning with the air. This lighted exhaust fan prevents mold, bacteria, and fungi growth on surfaces in your bathroom, laundry room, or another humidity-prone environment. 

·         Maintain clean water right at the source with an under-sink filtration system. Effectively reduce contaminants including bacteria, virus, lead, mercury, and chlorine select pharmaceuticals in your family's cold drinking water.

·         Care for your delicate without using harsh chemicals common in dry cleaning with an AirDresser Steam closet. Odor elimination technology gets out 99% of stubborn smells in fabrics caused by smoke, sweat, and food. In addition, the sanitary cycle reduces allergens, dry cleaning chemicals, and fine dust particles.

Homeowners can significantly increase the comfort and safety of their home environment from many directions. Levy says, "When a house is a home, it's a place where everyone feels safe, at ease, and comforted. So, while a house that's free of pollutants and germs is close to impossible, it is also possible to significantly reduce harmful substances. Homeowners are adopting these innovative products are not adopting innovative products to keep dangerous microbes out; they are adopting them to create a space where they truly want to be."

Now is the time to pro-actively adopt healthier, cleaner habits. Just a few small changes can make a world of difference in the health and safety of your household for you and your loved ones.

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