Making Your Home More Mindful

With the fast-moving pace of the holidays behind us, our minds and bodies naturally crave down time and our souls long for a place to just be. That place is your home.

Homes are places of belonging and connection where safety and love reside, where peace can be found, a sense of relaxation restored and where nourishment abounds.

The pandemic taught us just how vital the structure and energy of our homes are in shaping and fortifying our well-being. This awareness should turn our attention towards creating a more Zen-like, mindful living environment.

Zen is a Buddhist word that simply defined means meditation. Meditation is the practice of focused concentration based in moment-to-moment awareness and, according to tradition, a pathway towards goodness, harmony and ultimately, enlightenment. Zen philosophy honors the sacredness and interconnection of all living things and holds reverence for nature. When humans flow in harmony with nature, every aspect of our lives, our health, our relationships and our homes will prosper with goodness and well-being.

Creating a Zen-like home environment shouldn’t be daunting. The process is as important as the product. Begin by implementing the main principles of mindfulness:

·    Set your intentions and stay aware of what you want.

·    Engage in the process moment to moment.

·    Make decisions thoughtfully and deliberately.

·    Be mindful of your budget and the time it takes to recreate.

·    Respectfully honor all family opinions and voices.

To simply the process in creating a calmer, more peaceful, nourishing home, use these foundational tenants as design guideposts: Ambience, Spaciousness, Flow and Nature.  

Zen is about being and flowing, not thinking and doing. Ambience comes with a keen awareness of lighting, color, sound, smell and simple beauty. Allow natural lighting to seep in through the windows, infusing serenity and beauty throughout a room. Peaceful paint shades include blue, violet, green, gray, tan and white. Furniture in these hues is warm and welcoming.

Be mindful of sound. The constant ringing and dinging of cell phones, loud music and the high volume and harsh tone of speech can stimulate and aggravate the brain and nervous system. Cultivate a positive, peaceful mood state by establishing boundaries for sound, cell phones, music and in conversation.

Spaciousness is a feeling of openness and freedom. It invites breath and movement. Notice your experience as you stand at your doorway or sit in your family room. Do you feel open and free, or closed and restricted? Decluttering and organizing your space are the first steps towards creating a feeling of spaciousness.

A Zen-like home is abundant with nature. The greenery of plants, small potted trees, smooth tumbled stones, coarse rocks, fresh flowers and water fountains bring life energy into your home. Nature is a healing force. Connecting with, and in nature, refreshes your mind, restores your body and soothes your soul. 

The energy, vibration and pulse of your home is ever changing. You can shift the energy and create a mindful, meditative home to nourish you, your family and friends for a lifetime.

Dr. Suzanne Nixon is a certified mindfulness meditation teacher, licensed professional counselor and marriage and family therapist and Duke University trained integrative health coach in private practice in Lansdowne, Virginia. Visit suzannenixon.com.   

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