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Mama Cakes

Cupcakes Make Everything Better!

Mama Cakes is a family-owned and managed cupcake bakery, opened in 2011. I had a passion for baking for my family and friends. I decided to open a shop to support my family and to bring a smile to others. I have 6 children and 1 grandson. Everyone works at the shop somehow! Darren and Charlie are official greeters. Steven, Emily, and Sarah worked at the shop until moving on to their own passions. Abigail is my right-hand girl and sometimes my left! She works full-time, managing everything when I'm not there. Papa Charlie works a couple evenings, doing dishes and closing up. My parents have also been a great source of support! 

All of our cupcakes are baked fresh from scratch, using the finest ingredients. Our display case is filled daily, with a large variety of cupcakes, ranging from whimsical to elegant. Along with delicious cupcakes, we also have custom cakes, shower cakes, birthday cakes, special event cakes, cupcake towers, cake pops, and Gran-Val Scoop ice cream during the summer. Stop in for our 15 daily regular flavors, including Vanilla dream, cookie dough, cookies n cream, chocolate indulgence, chocolate peanut buttercream, Boston cream, and lemon dream. Adult fan favorites are our cocktail-inspired cupcakes that include the Paddy and the Margarita. We offer gluten-free, egg free, and/or dairy-free cupcakes with 24 hours notice. We always have 1 vegan flavor daily. Every first Wednesday, we introduce the wacky flavor of the month - our flavor list is always growing!  So, whether you’re in the mood for something traditional or something different, Mama Cakes carries what your taste buds want!

We contribute cupcakes to the police, fire dept, hospital, nursing home, charities and local businesses. Donated cold-weather gear is put out during the winter. And, we provide ice water during the summer. Our motto is: cupcakes make everything better and we really focus on making sure that's a fact!