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Mangostana LLC-Pelvic Health Specialist

 Mangostana LLC - Pelvic Health Specialists

Kalena Chan, PT, CVTP

1. What is your mission and why did you start your business?

In 30 years of experience as a physical therapist, I have found that pelvic health patients have limited access to specialized care.  I started my business to create a more efficient, comprehensive, and holistic approach to pelvic health. I am a pelvic health geek and have multiple certifications. I am continually learning the best ways to provide treatment using multiple modalities in a safe and empowering environment.   

2. When should someone seek treatment for pelvic health?

There are many different conditions that are connected to pelvic health, some are obvious, and some are not.

Some obvious ones are bladder incontinence and urgency, interstitial cystitis, pelvic pain, and pelvic organ prolapse. However, constipation, digestive issues, pain with intimacy (dyspareunia), post-partum care, pregnancy, menopausal conditions, back pain, hip pain, tailbone pain (coccyx pain), and nocturia are conditions that can be closely related. So, the answer is to seek help when you suspect a problem or experience a beginning symptom - even if just occasionally, or after your 6-week post-partum check-up, or after your first hot flash, or when you experience your first bladder leak, or heartburn, or headache, etc.  It’s all connected!

3. How long until someone feels a difference from pelvic health visits?

How fast someone can experience relief has many variables. There are lots of conditions that we care for, each may have a different set of issues. Because we are skilled at identifying and prioritizing common factors that cause symptoms many of our patients see results in a couple of visits. Many symptoms can even be changed with simple dietary, lifestyle, or exercise. One of our recent patients had residual heartburn 8-9 months post-pregnancy. We treated her with a specialized manual therapy and within 2 visits she had mostly returned to normal.

Another patient suffered from uncontrollable leakage for many years after a hip surgery. We evaluated the pelvic muscles that were creating issues, and within the first appointment, she saw an almost 50% improvement in her incontinence.  

4. What services do you encourage for preventive care?

We pride ourselves in treating the whole person and are committed to helping reduce your symptoms and helping you achieve your physical goals. We encourage every mom who’s had a baby to come in for a post-partum check-up. New Mexico just passed an initiative called the 4th Trimester Memorial. It highlights the need for all moms to receive post-partum physical therapy after their 6-week appointment with their birth practitioners. We help moms manage C-Section scars, perineum tears, pelvic pain, bladder leakage, and guided return to core strengthening. 

Perimenopausal to menopausal women can go through big changes in pelvic health, strength loss, and digestive issues. We provide specialized treatments and exercises before the problems get harder to manage. 

We also offer information classes and exercise classes for preventative care.

5. What is the one stereotype you would like to debunk on pelvic health?

There are many pelvic health myths that need to be dispelled. One of the biggest is that Kegel exercises can solve all pelvic conditions. The reality is pelvic muscles don’t function in isolation, and continual pelvic muscle squeezes are often counterproductive. Pelvic muscles can be overused and can be painful.  Kegels will only make it worse. It is no longer the only tool in our toolbox. Pelvic health assessments and treatment now encompass the neighboring body parts (hips, spine, and even down to the feet). We now know we cannot simply Kegel the pelvic health problem away.  

We love for anyone with questions or would like more information to reach out and call or text us at (505) 221-6475 or find us on our website:

  • Kalena Chan