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Manhattan's Best Burgers

Our guide to some of the best hamburgers found in the Little Apple

One of the best pleasures of the culinary world is biting into a delectable, expertly prepared hamburger. Whether you're craving a classic hamburger or a fully-loaded cheeseburger, you'll find a burger to satisfy your taste buds in The Little Apple. Take a journey with us as we explore our favorites!

So Long Saloon

With a full menu of classic and specialty burgers to choose from, our pick is the Tuesday special, the Jalapeño Popper Burger. This half-pound ground chuck burger arrives generously adorned with bacon, onion cream cheese, grilled jalapeños, and So Long Saloon's Chipotle Raspberry sauce, all nestled within a delightful brioche bun. The harmonious combination of crispy bacon, cream cheese, and Chipotle Raspberry sauce, alongside the subtle hint of jalapeño heat makes this burger truly exceptional.

1130 Moro St.

Hillside Café

While Riley County's oldest restaurant is renowned for its handcrafted tacos and tamales, their hamburgers are a hidden gem in Manhattan. Cooked on the same grill since 1983, Hillside Café offers a diverse selection. Whether you opt for the classic Deluxe Cheeseburger or ignite your taste buds with options like the Big Kahuna, Californian, Mushroom Swiss, or Bacon Jalapeño burger, every choice is a delightful one at Hillside Café.

2307 Stagg Hill Rd. #3156

Ana’s Burger Shack  

Ana, who took over the business from her dad and rebranded it from Big D's Burger Shack, serves up some of the finest burgers you'll find in Manhattan. The juicy patties, sourced from Hanner Ranch in Onaga, are expertly cooked and seasoned to perfection. Fresh toppings add a delightful crunch, while the toasted buns hold everything together flawlessly. Ana's Burger Shack offers an extensive menu beyond just burgers, ensuring there's something to satisfy everyone's cravings.

2024 Tuttle Creek Blvd.


There’s nothing more “Aggieville” than a Kiter burger from Kite’s. Whether it be the Original Kiter, or one of the many specialty burgers, each one is handcrafted and grilled to perfection. The Smokehouse Kiter features a half-pound of fresh ground beef, and is served with gouda cheese, crisp pork belly, sauteed onions and Kansas City BBQ sauce. There is a ton of flavor in this unique offering.

615 N.12th St.

Vista Drive In

Few places encapsulate the history of Manhattan, Kansas quite like Vista Drive In. Established by Charles Streeter in 1964, this iconic eatery's burger has achieved worldwide acclaim over the years. Today, we opted for the timeless Royal Burger, showcasing six ounces of pure, American beef, dressed with mayo, lettuce, tomato, and two slices of cheese. When you're in need of a speedy and delectable bite en route to the stadium, Vista Drive In is the ultimate choice!

1911 Tuttle Creek Blvd.

Spark’s Burger Co.

Spark's Burger Company epitomizes the essence of a local burger joint, with the majority of their ingredients sourced within 100 miles of downtown Manhattan. Our burger of choice today was the mouthwatering Nick Nacho Burger, featuring beef from Lefler Prime Performance in Americus, KS and pepperjack cheese from the Alma Creamery. Topped with shredded lettuce, roasted jalapenos, diced onions, corn chips, and house-made chipotle ranch, this burger delivered an outstanding flavor experience. Don't miss the chance to savor Spark's culinary creations!

405 Poyntz Ave.