Laughing and Creating – Let Me Introduce Myself


pash-uh-nit ]


1.   having, compelled by, or ruled by intense emotion or strong feeling;

2.   expressing, showing, or marked by intense or strong feeling; emotional:passionate language.

3.   intense or fiery, as in emotions.

Synonyms: enthusiastic, exuberant, warm, energetic, glowing

Can I share a secret with you? Every day I get an email from Dictionary.com with a new vocabulary word of the day.  It’s true. Every. Single. Day.  And I learn it and try and use it in my day without anyone knowing.  Today’s word was appropriately, ‘carpe diem’. Seize the day.

My lifelong interest in words probably began at the nightly dinner table when I was growing up. Surrounded by my daddy and mom and the five of us kids.

Every single night we had to come to the dinner table with a new ‘word of the day’. The five of us kids had to have a different word and had to pronounce it, tell the part of speech, define it and use it in a sentence. And if we didn’t or if we got in trouble, our military father would require additional words the next night.

It brought our family so tightly together and very close – which continues to this day. It also fostered my love of words and learning and asking questions.

Always asking questions naturally led me into my career in journalism and television news, including years as an anchor and reporter. Including time here in DFW at WFAA-TV, CBS-11-TV and WB33-TV.

In writing this introduction of me, I asked some of my most trusted advisors, also known as my husband and my three boys, to describe me…the constant that kept coming up is: funny and loud.

I have a confession to make. I do have a really loud laugh.

It is true. I tend to “use my outside voice” inside. Especially my laugh. It’s one of those throwing-my-head-back-laughing-out-loud-laughs. And I laugh a lot! It’s one of my favorites.

Like the bubbles of champagne tickling your nose, I am always looking for laughter and a reason to smile.

I also tend to use humor as a defense mechanism. And a lot of it is self-deprecating. Meaning – I make fun of myself.  If I get too serious or intense or am just my silly self.

Because I believe in life, we can’t take ourselves too seriously.

“How do you solve a problem like Maria?” is often asked. It’s the title of the legendary song aptly titled “How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?” from the movie, “Sound of Music”.

And what have I learned? I don’t think you can.

But I continue learning. And have come to realize that we so often learn some of life’s greatest lessons from others in our lives. And from life’s challenges and setbacks. The ups and the downs.

In these times, I always dare myself to be empowered. And to constantly learn and grow and recreate myself. Especially in times of life’s challenges.

Which brings up my foundation in my faith. My guiding light, my hope, my inspiration and source of grace. For without Him, I would not be able to face the challenges or enjoy all my blessings.

My foundation, my building blocks? My faith, my family, my friends are most important to me in life.

As a constant reminder of my building blocks, I always carry at least one, and usually multiple, little Lego people with me. Always. Known as ‘mini-figures’ or tiny little different people. Why? It’s a constant reminder of my 3 boys and of what is most important in life. The foundation, or building blocks of my life.  

Life is full of wonder. And joy. And magic.

Happy. Blessed. Grateful.

Always creating, writing, reading daydreaming, working out, cooking, and possibly with a cocktail or glass of vino, laughing – I am always thinking and possibly (and more likely) overthinking. And asking questions. Most likely about you and your story.  Of you, your family, your business. Because that is what I do. I seek, I learn, I create and I write.

As a writer, I weave words into stories.  Everyone has a story. I find it fascinating learning the story behind the person.  It’s a window opening to the soul.  For me, I will continue being a storyteller and would love to learn about you, so I will continue asking questions and be curious, interested and enthusiastically seeking new endeavors. 

Thank you for taking time to read about me and welcome me.

For now and always, I remain:


kyoor-ee-uhs ]


1. eager to learn or know; inquisitive

Synonyms: inquisitive, interested, inquiring

To get in touch with Maria with any story ideas of/or about McKinney or about your business, you can reach her at: email

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