Marketing vs. Advertising

Why You Need Both

The average consumer will see approximately 10,000 ads every single day! I know this seems ridiculous that you will see that many ads, but from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed tonight, you will have seen 10,000. While you will know you've seen some of them, others you will completely overlook. Organizations that sell products will advertise directly, and these are the ads that should stand out if companies want to increase the chances that you buy from them. But other organizations may simply want to stay in your mind. Have you ever jumped up and ran to the store for a Budweiser just because you saw their Super Bowl commercial?

There are so many different types of organizations but there is one thing that remains constant: people like you have to know that organizations exist if you're going to buy their product. How do they reach you? Advertising. 

The ads you see everywhere come in different shapes and sizes. Stop at your gas station. It has graphics and messages all over the pumps and on signs out front. Take a look at the windows, and you will see graphics and banner stands. Go inside for a drink and take look at all of the signage swaying you to buy that product. In a typical stop at the gas station, you will see hundreds of ads. Whether it is a branded doormat, an in-store display, a commercial, or a paid social media advertisement, getting consumers to see an ad is the easy part.

Well before any advertising campaign is launched, there is a Marketing Strategy that has to be conceptualized, written, designed, and created.  Any organization has to understand what its product is and how it helps their consumer.  After this, they have to build a buyer’s persona to understand their average consumer. The better an organization understands its buyer, the better it can build out its advertising campaign. A buyer’s persona will include elements such as family dynamic, income, geographic locations, house value, etc.

If you know how your products solve a consumer's pain point and know who your consumer is, you will now understand where they shop. What are the most popular outlets? Most consumers shop via a multi-channel approach, which means that an organization will need to launch a well-rounded strategy using different advertising tactics. 

A marketing strategy takes significant time and planning. What everyone needs to understand is that when ads keep popping into your Facebook feed, that is actually a good thing. At the very least, you fit a demographic target, so organizations are displaying products and services that you are most likely interested in. Advertising is what pays for most things, so you might as well see ads that will possibly resonate with you.

So, in essence, marketing is the strategy and advertising is simply conveying a message to the right people at the right time in the right place. 

Splash Omnimedia is a Marketing and Advertising agency that specializes in Strategic Planning and the full execution of these strategic plans.  If you own or work for an organization that could benefit from a well-crafted strategic plan that helps you understand a 5-year goal and positions you to reach those goals, please set up a discovery call with us.  SplashOmniMedia.com 


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