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After: Replacing the cabinetry and adding white accents brightens up the kitchen.

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Love It or Leave It - Home Upgrades

Joe Meacham of Urban Kitchens Shares Her Best Tips For Making Your House Sparkle

The housing inventory in Oklahoma City hasn’t been this low in years and bidding wars are common.  If you can’t find a house you love or can afford, remodeling your existing home may be the answer! 

Even if you plan to sell your home, there are renovations you can enjoy that also make your home more attractive to buyers in the future.

  1. Minor kitchen remodels have the largest payback when it comes to selling your home.  Consider new countertops, a gorgeous new backsplash, a large single sink and a beautiful new faucet. 

  2. Minor bathroom renovations also can add to the value of the home. A new tile floor, painted vanities, new countertops and lighting can help sell your home later.

  3. Curb appeal!  Paint your existing door a bright yellow, a matte black or a deep green.  Your house takes on a new life.  Add some porch furniture, an outdoor rug and some plants.

  4. Top Secret Reno Project!  Check out your garage doors. Are they in good condition?  This is one project that will definitely pay for itself when you sell.  

  5. FREE!  At no cost, you can do some deleting.  Organizing is very popular (think Marie Kondo!) and an organized house will be a big positive when potential buyers come through your home. If your closets are tidy the buyer will know you care about your home. By spending only a few dollars on hooks and baskets you will be surprised how satisfying organizing can be.

While we would all like the kitchen of our dreams, the house we currently live in might not be the ONE!  In the meantime, figure out some smaller projects that can make you happy while you wait for the right house.

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  • Before: A dated kitchen can look dim.
  • After: Replacing the cabinetry and adding white accents brightens up the kitchen.
  • Adding white accent around a fireplace gives it new life.
  • Even a laundry room can become bright and appealing with a few touch ups.
  • A dated fireplace needs a new look.