Mask Fabulous

Everyone's New Must-Have

"Choose your self-presentations carefully, for what starts out as a mask may become your face." - Erving Goffman

Who'd have thought we'd be showcasing masks this season? Not us. Not anyone. But we have to wear them, so wear them well. Choose them wisely. And shop local. Oh, and make sure the mask you wear is fully-lined and medically safe.

1. Mask by Stephen Kempson, $25,

2. Crystal embellished masks at West, $20/ea.,

3. Sulu Collection custom mask, with Ellen Gang Design Studio,

4. Custom mask by artist Kris Toohey.

5. Printed masks created by Michele Cosentino.

6. Custom tie-dye bandana mask. 5 Kids + Dyeing. Order via instagram @5kidsanddyeing

7. Printed mask by Ellen Gang Design Studio.

8. Westport printed mask, lindsey-p,, $12.49.

9. Custom-knit masks, lined, Yarn Bomber, @yarnbalmer

10. Westport Map mask, Savvy + Grace, $21.99

11. Printed cotton masks by Westport Masks,, $15 ea.

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