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Mask Fashion

Keeping It Cute In Boomer Naturals

Article by Erikka Searles Mitchell

Originally published in SOFU Lifestyle

What style-themed issue in 2020 is complete without a mask review? Your mask might be the most important accessory right now. It’s great when your mask is lightweight but sturdy and matches your outfit!

My go-to mask is by Boomer Naturals, and even my son loves his child-sized version! Pro tip: Open the package and let the mask air out a bit before the first use. My son is a proud member of the First Tee of Metro Atlanta, and when he practices his swing, he manages to keep his mask secured on his face. He loves the small black one, but he also likes the brightly colored patterns and this is no small feat! The mask is the most comfortable one in his collection and he says it’s not hard to breathe in the mask. This is really important to help keep my son and my family safe. He has to be able to wear it without a problem for a few hours at a time.

I love my florals and prints and the price. At $10 or less for the adult and children’s sizes, I can keep my son in enough masks to make it through the week.  --ESM

Effectiveness is Essential

Lives are at stake, so it’s important that we wear the most effective face covers. Many “homemade” masks or bandanas have thinly woven fabric that fail to provide proper filtration or offer enough coverage on the face. Paper masks are made to be worn only once, making them an expensive and ineffective choice if worn repeatedly.


Boomer Naturals offers a higher quality face cover that is ultra-soft; the 65% cotton/35% polyester blend is comfortable and easy to wear. The covers are made from three layers of tightly woven fabric that is enhanced with nano-silver technology to fight bacteria and provide the ultimate in protection.

Fit is Freedom

The Fit of the mask is key. Ideally, the mask should cover the nose and mouth with no gaps at the sides where particles can enter.

For superior fit, Boomer Naturals Face Covers are available in a range of sizes, including kids, adult, and extra-large for those with wider faces or bigger bone structure.

The extra-large size also offers additional room for beards, fully covering the face and facial hair.

To optimize both fit and comfort, Boomer Naturals Ear Savers relieve the pressure of tight-fitting elastic bands on ears. A series of hooks catch the coverings’ elastic loops, moving tension to the band, while ensuring secure attachment. 

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