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Math Skills For Everyone

Mathnasium Helps Students Build Confidence For Success in Math

When math makes sense, kids leap way ahead. But for many children,
math can be especially frustrating and any gaps in learning only build up to more gaps and more frustration. However, according to Annette Sudduth, owner of Mathnasium of Lexington, every child can learn and excel in math.

"We help with their classwork, but we also assess the students to find out where the gaps are and fill them in. This helps decrease their frustration," said Sudduth.

Many kids decide that they "like or dislike" math before they leave grade school. Mathnasium discourages the idea that only certain people can excel in math.

"Everyone can do math. You just have to reach students where they are and at their level," Sudduth said. "Think of math as a sport. You have to practice it or you do forget it."

At Mathnasium, trained instructors teach in an individual setting and with customized learning plans for each student. The assessment determines what each child knows and what they need to learn. Based on the plan, instructors continually check progress to make sure kids understand and retain the concepts.

This year, students need specialized math instruction more than ever. Because many schools closed during the COVID-19 pandemic, students lost 9 weeks or more of instruction. When it comes to math, if you add this time to the normal summer slide, the loss could equal a half of a year.

In addition to onsite sessions, Mathnasium also offers a virtual platform where students work live face-to-face with instructors through computers.

"Our big focus is to connect with the student. If a connection is there, then the student progresses," Sudduth said. "We have several instructors, and our instructors make sure students understand the number sense and develop critical thinking skills."

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