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Maximize Your Wellness with ProGlow Protein

The benefits of adding high-grade supplements to your daily routine

Pauline Haugen, founder of ProwGlow Protein and owner of Higher Health Spine and Sport, breaks down the importance of adding supplements into your wellness routine to maximize your health goals and properly fuel your personal lifestyle.

What does wellness mean to you? 

Wellness is a holistic approach that starts from the inside out. There are so many factors to living a healthy lifestyle, and when we neglect pieces of this puzzle, it eventually reveals itself through signs of pain. Here at Higher Health Spine and Sport, we believe in complete wellness, starting with nutrition all the way to preventive chiropractic services and holistic approaches. 

Tell us about ProGlow and the inspiration behind it.

ProGlow Protein was a concept that fit in precisely with our wellness prerogative, which is preventive medicine and eliminating pain holistically. The difference between ProGlow and other over-the-counter supplements is that it is pharmaceutical-grade. By USP standards, pharma-grade products must be at least 99 percent pure, meaning the main ingredients are natural sources that do not contain binders or fillers such as cork, dyes or unknown substances (yes, these things do exist!). Less than 3 percent of nutritional supplements on the market are pharmaceutical-grade, which is why pure products like ProGlow and ProFunction [ProGlow’s brother brand] may cost a bit more due to the strenuous regulations and quality control that ensure products are clean and pure.

Investing in your health is the most valuable investment you can make in your lifetime, which is why we promote the best quality products that will absorb properly, giving you the nutrients that fuel your lifestyle.

What are supplements you’d recommend for men and women to get the new year off to a great start? 

Each supplement is designed for different lifestyles, so they are really great in that you can pick and choose what works best for you. Some of my go-tos are Calm & Fit, which is a magnesium supplement blend that is designed to be an end-of-day wine alternative that will help you sleep better and reduce tummy bloating. It has a great-tasting cherry flavor, so we even have yummy Calm & Fit cocktail ideas.

Strong & Youthful is great because it combines pure bovine collagen with high-grade protein, so you get two of our best products in one. Our amino acid complex, Lean Gains, is also perfect for men and women looking to affectively build lean muscle during their workouts (without the bulk), and our All Good Women’s multivitamin is a must for hormone balance and female-specific daily nutrients. At this time of the year, ProFunction D – Vitamin D Liquid – is vital as a mood and health booster, and has 1,500 servings per bottle, which is awesome value.

Another great option is our #Goals Bundle Boxes, which offer awesome savings. Each box comes with three of our best-selling products, and include fun, goal-specific names like #Ageless, #Beautify, #GlowVegan and #WokeUpLikeThis. 

Why are supplements important in addition to a healthy diet? 

It’s impossible to get all of the nutrients we need from diet alone, which is why adding high-grade supplements to your daily routine is so important to meeting health goals. This becomes increasingly important as we age. Doctors have found that adding supplements like collagen, protein and vitamins and minerals to a well-balanced diet can help prevent issues down the line by maintaining healthy joints and bones.

Our lives get hectic, and our supplement lines allow you to quickly get nutrients you need without missing a beat. It’s so important to take care of ourselves from inside out – not just through a once a year detox – but through incorporating health into our lifestyle through pure supplements. ProGlow and ProFunction customers can feel the difference, whether it is a mental boost or increase in energy.

 Where should someone start if they know nothing about supplements or what their body might need? 

Come talk to us at Higher Health! We have nutritionists ready to help guide you through your health journey, and are happy to offer a free first consultation. We also have resources available through our Higher Health blog as well as our ProGlow Protein website, where there are lots of delicious recipe ideas.

Another great way to start is through the #Goals Bundle boxes. There are seven themes to choose from depending on your personal goals, and all give you a 10% automatic discount. If you are confused about anything, please let us know – we’re here to help others achieve their best self!

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