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EncoreGarge can Help Transform Your Cluttered Garage into an Attractive and Functional Space

Your garage should be a place you enjoy, not dread. Growing up, my family used our two-car garage as a storage space for all things old, new, out-of-season, dirty, rusty and even moldy. Aside from my parents' two cars and my father's toolbox, the room was unpredictable in nature because you never knew what you would come across while simply walking to your car each morning. I think my first bicycle—training wheels and all—still lives somewhere piled beneath a plastic kitchen set, complete with "real" fruit and miniature pots and pans. 

Does that sound like a welcoming room to enter as you walk to your car, let alone spend time in? No, it doesn't; and if my family called EncoreGarage, they could trade in the mess for an extra 400 square feet of space. But I know my family's garage isn't the only one that's fallen victim to piles of lost toys, leaf blowers that haven't seen so much as a Maple leave since 2005 and rusty power tools. 

But that's where EncoreGarage comes in. They're experts when it comes to transforming a domestic dumping ground into an attractive and functional space. They have been helping customers maximize the potential of their garages for more than a decade using the highest quality materials, construction method and installation techniques to guarantee the best results.


When it comes to organization, they offer both luxury cabinets and wall and ceiling organizing systems. The cabinets not only offer an attractive organization solution but a durable one as well. Encore offers a variety of sizes, shapes and colors, allowing you to choose which style or combination of styles you'd like for your unique space. 

EncoreGarage's wall and ceiling garage organizers allow you to maximize your storage space and easily find your tools, sporting equipment, bikes and gardening supplies when you need them. From grid wall and slat wall systems to bike racks and overhead storage racks, just about any storage conundrum can be solved. Each system offers a wide variety of accessory hangers, specialty hooks and racks so you'll be able to store whatever you need so that it's easily accessible. 


Although it may sound silly, replacing the old flooring in your garage with a new, clean surface can make all the difference. Encore specializes in the preparation of concrete surfaces and the application of FLEX-CORE floor coating,  the best floor coating to withstand the demands of your garage. The FLEX-CORE floor coating is a high-quality, stain-resistant, easy-to-clean surface made of a seamless polymer composition that is permanently bonded to the concrete. This ensures that the coating doesn't peel or wear through and maintains a textured yet glossy finish.


If you're ready to go the whole nine yards, EncoreGarage also offers full renovation services. This includes painting and drywall, lighting and electric, on-site storage and even adding a utility sink. (Available for all clients that are already contracted for garage floor coating or cabinetry.) This leaves no element behind, allowing you to craft the garage of your dreams without hiring several different contractors. 

EncoreGarage is located in Akron/Canton at 1570 Akron Peninsula Road, Suite 6, Akron. They also have locations in Cleveland, Columbus and Pittsburgh. Visit for more information.