McAdoo's Seafood Company

A Fusion of History, Innovation, and Exceptional Cuisine

Nestled in the heart of New Braunfels, Texas, McAdoo's Seafood Company is a culinary gem, seamlessly blending nostalgic charm with contemporary dining, and showcasing exceptional seafood. With deep ties to local history, this upscale restaurant resonates with both the community and visitors alike, offering a diverse array of dishes that blend tradition and innovation.

As a landmark closed for a quarter-century, McAdoo's Seafood holds profound sentimental value for locals. However, it's not just about the past; it's about infusing new life into the legacy. "We've retained many original features, paying homage to history," Caroline Wiggins, the Director of Marketing, explains. The name "McAdoo's" itself honors the past, inspired by William G. McAdoo, the Treasury Secretary who commissioned the post office in 1915. Beyond the name, the establishment evolves, introducing innovative concepts while maintaining the building's essence. "Over time, we've made small changes to both building and menu, keeping things fresh and exciting," she adds.

The heartbeat of McAdoo's lies in its commitment to sourcing impeccable ingredients. Freshness is non-negotiable, with daily deliveries of a diverse selection of seafood from vendors. Oyster offerings change almost daily based on seasonal availability, giving diners an ever-evolving experience. The dedication to quality ensures each dish consistently meets high standards.

Drawing from the vibrant culinary landscape of the region, McAdoo's menu is a captivating fusion of Cajun specialties, southern influences, and unique Texas Creole twists. Tradition and innovation coexist harmoniously. "Our skilled team embraces experimentation, resulting in standout specials and menu updates," notes Wiggins. This commitment extends even to brunch, with new additions on the horizon promising to tantalize palates.

McAdoo's artfully strikes a balance between honoring seafood staples and inspiring diners to explore new flavor combinations. The extensive menu caters to various tastes, featuring options from Mahi Mardi Gras to Parmesan Crusted Chicken. Moreover, the restaurant's spirited approach shines through in events like Oystoberfest, a month-long celebration of oysters where unique and innovative oyster dishes take center stage.

Community is at the heart of McAdoo's Seafood Company, a place where people gather to celebrate life's moments. With intimate dining spaces, private event rooms, and a lively patio, the restaurant provides a setting suitable for any occasion. The century-old Post Office building contributes to the ambiance, enveloping diners in history while offering a contemporary dining experience that meets modern expectations.  "Our team provides outstanding service, ensuring each guest has an extraordinary experience," assures Wiggins.

Behind the scenes, Executive Chef Obed Magana orchestrates the culinary magic that defines McAdoo's Seafood Company. Guiding and developing the kitchen team ensures consistent delivery of quality dishes. Chef Obed’s culinary experience is deeply rooted in family heritage and a passion for crafting exceptional meals. Influenced by his mother's dedication to creating delicious and beautiful dishes, he studied culinary arts across Germany, Italy, and France. Staying up to date in the culinary world, Chef Obed draws inspiration from around the world with the use of social media, which influences how he crafts each dish.  

In the heart of New Braunfels, McAdoo's Seafood Company stands as more than a restaurant; it's a testament to history, innovation, and a shared love for exceptional cuisine. With a vibrant blend of flavors, contemporary influences, and a commitment to community, McAdoo's Seafood Company offers an experience that transcends time while remaining rooted in the present.


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