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McCauley Constructors

Helping Pave The Way for Women in The Construction Industry

Article by Anna Fluckey and Dana Olson

Photography by David Grossman of Colorado Photography

Originally published in Windsor City Lifestyle

McCauley Constructors, Inc. was awarded Large Business of the Year by the Windsor Chamber in 2021, and recognized as a Mercury Top 100 BizWest recipient in 2018.  McCauley Constructors has solidified its position as a leader in commercial construction with their impressive portfolio. 

Women are key players at the forefront of McCauley Constructors and they help emphasize trust and transparency. Considered somewhat foreign attributes in the construction industry, McCauley has set out to change that stereotype. Leon McCauley believes that “Our team is dedicated to changing the perception of construction. We prioritize open communication, delivering on promises, and maintaining honesty with our clients from day one.” McCauley builds trust by being authentic and service-oriented. Fostering client relationships has been successful through practices such as accessibility, active listening, clear communication, educating clients, and ensuring understanding of McCauley’s actions, intentions, and decisions.
Helping their clients realize their vision for a project and making it a reality has established McCauley as a trusted advisor and leader in the industry. Leon often says and truly believes that  “Building is the last thing we do… while we are builders by trade, it’s our singular commitment to clients that form the foundation at the heart of our firm. We deliver much more than a building before we break ground and long after you open the doors.”

Jen Weaver, Talent and Culture Leader is extremely excited about the soon-to-be East Pointe #2 in Windsor. Jen loves the diversity of her position and that a title doesn’t hold her back. She has been able to participate in so many different departments and loves being a part of a team that cares.

Jennifer Aguero, Corporate Controller, says, “Being a part of a small company has many advantages that I love.  At McCauley Constructors we get to know each other on a deep level, and we get to celebrate, lean on, cry, and laugh with one another. We face many challenges in the construction industry, and at McCauley, we all face those challenges together.  No matter the issue, we know we can count on our team."

Liz Newman, Development Principal, loves all aspects of the Construction Process. Her favorite project to date has been the Swetsville Zoo Development Project. The intensity of the project keeps her engaged. Her way of dealing with the challenges is a great sense of humor with a big dose of character strength.

Liz Yrineo, Assistant Project Manager, says, “I enjoy the daily challenge that every project brings and finding creative solutions for everything that pops up. My favorite things about working at McCauley are the people I work with and the support and encouragement I get from our support team.” 

Nicole Suttle, Pre-construction Engineer, excitedly stated, “I get to be involved in the early concept stages of projects, hear the client’s vision, our team’s vision for how to make it work within a budget, and then aim to cast that vision to the local jurisdiction and gain their approval. It’s a lot of fun!” Her favorite project has been Ditch Witch of the Rockies and working closely with the ownership team.

Anna Fluckey, Director of Design-Build advises women aspiring to enter the construction industry to embrace courage. “It's perfectly fine not to have all the answers from the start. Given the diversity within the construction field, your unique background can actually enhance your effectiveness. Demonstrating empathy and a willingness to learn will open your path to acquiring the necessary skills.

Some advice the women of McCauley Constructors would like to give other women currently working or planning to in the construction industry is to pay attention to the tenure of women within a company, as it reflects the value placed on female professionals in the industry. Dip your toes in the water by exploring internships to observe the experiences of other women in construction. Don't hesitate to ask questions of women in positions that interest you to gain insights into their career paths. It's natural to have reservations, but don't let them hinder your progress.

The construction environment is ever-changing and becoming a more welcoming place for diverse talents and distinctive qualities. McCauley Constructors is exemplary at providing such a place, as they aspire for the next generation to embrace capabilities, embody strength alongside gentleness, lead, and follow. In construction, bravery and tenacity is the only prerequisite.

"Dip your toes in the water by exploring internships to observe the experiences of other women in construction." - McCauley Women

“It's perfectly fine not to have all the answers from the start. Given the diversity within the construction field, your unique background can actually enhance your effectiveness." - Anna Fluckey

  • Anna Fluckey, Director of Design Build
  • Liz Yrineo, Assistant Project Manager
  • Jen Weaver, Talent and Culture Leader
  • Liz Newman, Development Principal
  • Nicole Suttle, Pre-construction Engineer
  • Jennifer Aguero, Corporate Controller