Meet Adina Maynard

Affectionately Known As Nurse Adina

Adina Maynard has worked as an oncology nurse for over twelve years, caring for cancer patients in healthcare facilities across the country. Her career in caring for others has taken her to some of the nation’s most prestigious cancer centers, including the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland, The James Cancer Center at Ohio State University, Duke Cancer Center in Durham, North Carolina, City of Hope in Los Angeles, California, and others. Most recently, Maynard has worked at Lexington Oncology Associates, part of Lexington Medical Center, as both a travel nurse and as a permanent staff member at their oncology infusion center.

Maynard traces her passion for caring for cancer patients back to her father's experience with colon cancer. She says, "I was in nursing school when my dad got his cancer diagnosis.  I know what it’s like to care for someone you love dearly that has cancer – it’s both a privilege to be there for that person, and scary, in that you are afraid to lose them.  I get it!  I was there for him, helping him understand his choices of care and explaining everything in terms he could understand."

Traveling across the country and having the opportunity to work in a wide variety of health care facilities has exposed Maynard to various learning opportunities and enabled her to hone her craft of caring for cancer patients. Both the patient and clinical experiences have proven invaluable. She finds the work tremendously rewarding. In turn, she has committed herself to advocating for safe, quality-centered patient and family care, using timely nursing interventions to attain the best possible outcomes.

Her resolve inspired not just a new business, but a new industry. Her business model is designed to help cancer patients and their families through their cancer journey through education, advocacy and communication. Nurse Adina was created to deliver this mission to cancer patients throughout The Midlands and beyond. Creating a true partnership, Nurse Adina joins the patient, family and medical team to answer questions, bring clarity and suggest resources. Truly, Nurse Adina works on the patient’s behalf as an advocate, communication liaison, and educator to help both patient and family manage life amidst a cancer diagnosis.

To learn more, visit www.nurseadina.com or contact Nurse Adina Maynard by email (Adina@NurseAdina.com) or phone (803-592-9328)

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