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April Kientz, APRN-C

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Meet Heartland Dermatology’s April Kientz

A conversation with April Kientz, APRN-C of Manhattan's Heartland Dermatology

Meet April Kientz, APRN-C, the latest addition to Heartland Dermatology in Manhattan. 

What inspired you to specialize in dermatology?

The skin is the largest organ and unlike diabetes or high blood pressure, disorders of the skin are readily apparent to patients and all those around them. At times, skin lesions and conditions of the skin can be quite distressing. This highlights the meaningful impact we, as dermatology providers, can have on our patient’s self-esteem, comfort, and confidence as we seek to treat and improve symptoms. Whether it’s clearing acne, reducing plaques of psoriasis or early detection of skin cancer so it can be effectively treated, these interventions can have a profound impact on quality of life. Being able to play a part in improving someone’s mental health while managing skin health is quite inspiring to me as a provider.

How do you approach developing personalized treatment plans for your patients?

Developing personalized treatment plans is a cornerstone of our practice at Heartland Dermatology and it starts with listening. I strive to meet patients where they are in their journey and then collaborate closely with patients to tailor a plan of care that is individualized to meet his or her needs. There is no place in dermatology for cookie-cutter medicine and that is what makes this career so rewarding. While I love the science and detective aspect of medical dermatology and the technical skill required for cosmetic and surgical dermatology, the artistic aspect of connecting with patients and developing personalized treatment plans is very rewarding.

What steps do you take to ensure patient comfort and satisfaction during procedures or treatments? 

With the help of Heartland’s nursing, medical and support staff, we make every effort to create a welcoming and calming environment in our practice to help patients feel at ease. Before any procedure or treatment, we thoroughly explain the process, answer questions, and address concerns to ensure patients are well-informed and comfortable. We also use advanced techniques and technologies that prioritize safety, minimize discomfort, and optimize results. Additionally, we encourage open communication and follow-up appointments to track progress and address needs promptly.  

What do you love the most about Heartland Dermatology?

I work alongside many talented and professional dermatology providers who are passionate about improving patients’ skin health and quality of life across the Heartland region. Here at Heartland Dermatology in Manhattan, the dedicated group of professionals committed to providing exceptional care includes Dr. Harden, Erin Thornton, PA-c and Casey Jankord, PA-c. We have a common goal to serve our community by caring for their skin health to the best of our abilities. As an organization, I love Heartland Dermatology’s commitment to excellence in all facets of the patient experience so we can come to work, do what we love and hopefully leave a positive impact in the lives of those we encounter.

What has you most excited about being in Manhattan, especially considering you've spent the majority of your career here?

I'm incredibly excited about continuing my career in Manhattan, a city that has been my professional home for many years. What excites me the most is the sense of community and the relationships I've built with both patients and colleagues. The people here are diverse, vibrant, and passionate about skincare, which creates a dynamic and enriching environment for dermatological practice. On a personal note, raising my family in this community has been a joy. Manhattan offers a unique blend of opportunities, experiences, and a supportive environment for families. I feel fortunate to be part of such a dynamic and thriving city, both personally and professionally.

I love Heartland Dermatology’s commitment to excellence in all facets of the patient experience so we can come to work, do what we love and hopefully leave a positive impact in the lives of those we encounter.

  • April Kientz, APRN-C