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Meet David Hixon

An Aiken Business Owner with a Heart for Community and Family

Article by Nikita Hanif

Photography by Rebecca Williams and Provided

Originally published in Aiken City Lifestyle

In the bustling world of business, where profit margins and competition often take center stage, there is a shining example of an individual who prioritizes giving back to his community and fostering a nurturing work environment that is focused on family. David Hixon, the owner of Hixon’s Roofing, has a heart dedicated not only to roofing but also the community he serves and the people he employs. Hixon has carved a unique niche in the roofing industry. 

His journey into roofing began as a child, watching his father provide dependable roofing services as a supplemental job to support his 30 years in ministry. Hixon grew up and started helping his father with roofing projects and continued working on projects even while away at college. When he returned home to Beech Island, SC after attending college, he decided to dive into creating a small business and started his own roofing company, Hixon’s Roofing. He was raised to complete each task with dignity and to put customers and their needs first. His business plan and mission were to not only deliver top-notch roofing solutions but to create a positive impact and give back to his community. Hixon was raised from a young age with reverence for the scripture “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” He took this message to heart, and it has become a core value in his business.

In the past two years, Hixon has given over $100,000 to multiple churches, charities, non-profits and athletic departments. Most recently, he has supported the Silver Bluff High School Athletics Department and Aiken Chamber of Commerce. His heart to serve has led him to participate and finance multiple mission trips overseas and to remain actively involved in helping financially support homeless outreach in Augusta, GA. Hixon believes in order to operate as a successful leader to his employees, he must lead by example, so it was fitting that his motto for this year was, “2023 – Less about me.” Hixon understands that his success is intertwined with the community’s well-being, and he’s committed to doing his part to ensure that it thrives.

In addition to his community efforts, Hixon is equally dedicated to fostering a family-like work environment within his company. In an industry known for its physical demands and challenging conditions, Hixon believes that a supportive workplace is essential for employee morale and productivity. The company today is largely staffed by family members and close friends. One of the reasons their close-knit work family is so successful is because of his sense of trust and transparency within his business. This atmosphere driven by Hixon’s set of ethics creates a support system that extends beyond the workplace, fostering lasting relationships with his employees. One favorite way to show gratitude for his hardworking employees is by hosting a wonderful Christmas party each year where his family gets to shower his employees and their children with Christmas presents. Another employee and family favorite event would be the quarterly low country boil he hosts for his employees, customer, and local community members. 

As Hixon looks to the future, he remains committed to his mission of giving back to the community and continuing to foster a family-like work environment. He envisions expanding his company’s community involvement and reaching even more people in need. His faith, family, friends and customers are all motivating factors to continue to reach new heights and positively impact his community.

Hixon’s story is a shining example of how a small business owner can have a profound impact on his community and employees. His dedication to excellence, community involvement, and nurturing work environment sets a high standard for others in the industry to follow. His journey is proof that success isn’t measured in dollars and cents but in the positive difference one can make in the lives of others. In the world of roofing, David Hixon stands tall as a beacon of community spirit and workplace compassion.