Meet Dr. David Hill

The Graivier Center strengthens an already powerhouse team

Dr. David Hill joined The Graivier Center recently and we are pleased to introduce him this month!

Welcome to Alpharetta!

Thank you! I was immediately impressed with the beauty of the landscape and greenery. Having been in Houston for the past couple of years, I didn’t realize how much I missed the beauty of the tall trees and hilly terrain. I was amazed at how clean it is everywhere. You can tell how much the people of Alpharetta take pride in their city based upon its cleanliness and pristine landscape. We have been surprised by the kind and friendly attitudes of our neighbors and the people we’ve met so far. Both my wife and I look forward to the sense of community and friendship we have already discovered here. We have a 1-year-old boy whom we’re excited to enroll in various sports and activities and hopefully introduce him to a bunch of new friends!

What new tools, treatments, services, surgeries are you excited about working with at The Graivier Center? 

The best thing about the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery is it is constantly changing and improving. There are new devices, technologies and techniques developed almost weekly. This innovation is what keeps me so intrigued with this area of medicine. A couple of recent developments which I am happy to offer my patients include items such as MyEllevate which is a new treatment designed to solve issues regarding the dreaded double chin or excess neck bulging. Similarly, QWO is a new FDA-approved injectable treatment for cellulite (buttocks and thighs) which has been recently added to our practice and has been demonstrating great results. Dr. Graivier has been involved with the studies on this product and has been training physicians around the country on its use. Dr. Graivier has also been instrumental in developing in new uses for Radiesse including using a diluted version to improve the female decolletage area, knees, arms, and even necks. Another special interest of mine is ear molding. This is a powerful nonoperative therapy used to improve ear deformities of newborn children. It takes advantage of the soft and pliable features of infant cartilage before it hardens thereby avoiding surgical correction in the future. Finally, I am happy to provide new re-innervation techniques for breast cancer patients. Previously after a mastectomy, patients were left with insensate skin, however, with new reconstructive techniques involving the use of a surgical microscope and sutures smaller than a strand of hair, we are able to reconnect these nerves and provide sensation back to these areas.

What makes the Graivier Center so special?

The best part about the Graivier Center is the staff. Not only have most of them been with the practice for many years but they are the best at what they do. When I was searching for a practice to join, I looked for a location where I would be proud to bring my family for care. In addition to a world-class staff, the facilities are top-notch. The layout and patient care areas have been meticulously designed to enhance the patient experience. From the moment you walk into the office, you are surrounded by beautiful art and modern furnishings throughout the facility. We also have fully AAAASF certified operating rooms in the office with separate exits and entrances to provide for the utmost privacy and ease of care. If that wasn’t enough, Dr. Graivier has collected an immense amount of advanced medical equipment ranging from a hyperbaric oxygen chamber to a variety of lasers and aesthetic machines allowing our patients access to the widest assortment of data-proven tools and techniques the industry can offer. Not only is it a luxurious experience, it is one that exudes a feeling of certainty that not only are you getting the best care but you are also surrounded by the best people both professionally and personally.


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