Richmond Virginia Orthodontics’ Dr. Joseph Jones

Meet the Charming and Accomplished Orthodontist Serving the Richmond Area

In honor of our Gentlemen's issue, Short Pump City Lifestyle got the chance to chat with Dr. Joseph Jones of Richmond Virginia Orthodontics. When discussing his chosen field with Short Pump City Lifestyle, Dr. Jones says, "Orthodontics is a fascinating intersection of medicine, science, technology, and biomechanics. It also allows you to use your hands to create something beautiful while helping others." He explained that orthodontic treatment goals are a healthy smile and a healthy bite, making daily tasks like biting, chewing, and speaking much simpler when teeth are aligned, preventing future wear or chipping as you age. So, what inspired Dr. Jones to take the orthodontic path? His brother.

After witnessing his brother's cleft lip and palate treatment, Dr. Jones became enamored by the power of orthodontics and its ability to change how a person eats, smiles, and speaks. After high school, he attended the University of Georgia, near his hometown of Ila. Dr. Jones received his Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from the University of Georgia and his Doctorate in Dental Medicine and orthodontic specialist training from the Medical College of Georgia. After graduation, he practiced in Georgia before moving to Richmond in the fall of 2021 to be closer to his family, who had relocated there. Soon after, Dr. Jones joined Richmond Virginia Orthodontics because he loved the culture of providing compassionate orthodontic care in a laid-back and patient-focused atmosphere.

Richmond Virginia Orthodontics, or RVO as most call it, is a top Invisalign provider nationwide. Dr. Jones, his colleagues, and the office staff treat their patients like family and will do everything possible to ensure they feel comfortable and at home. Designed with the patient in mind, RVO offers the latest orthodontic technology to provide the best treatment and experience possible. Their office also has unique elements to make patient visits more comfortable. Amenities like a video and game room, complimentary Starbucks Charity Cafe, and wireless internet for working parents or patients are all efforts that will help their visit be refreshing and enjoyable.

In addition to first-rate patient care, Dr. Jones and RVO love to give back to their local community. Each quarter, they pick a charity and give 100% of their Starbucks Charity Cafe donations to that cause. While the drinks at the cafe are free of charge, the donations make a significant difference. "We are dedicated to encouraging community involvement and increasing awareness of important local charities, one cup at a time," Dr. Jones says. "We love to support all and any local charities we can." When Dr. Jones isn't Dr. Jones, the orthodontics connoisseur, he is an active, fun-loving outdoorsman. He enjoys bike riding, hiking, playing soccer, and exploring his family farm with his partner and three kids.

To learn more about RVO and schedule an appointment with Dr. Jones at the Richmond office, go to: rvorthodontics.com

"We absolutely love RVO and Dr. Jones! Great experience, friendly and knowledgeable staff. Very organized from beginning to end with my daughter’s expander and braces." - Kimberly Haberlin

"RVO is prompt, professional, and friendly! I had an amazing Invisalign experience and would recommend them to anyone!! They were wonderful." - Jennifer Netherland

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