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Southeastern Exposure brings fun and excitement to parties

Meet Gertie, a 1974 Winnebago camper that has been remodeled and turned into a photo booth. Leigh Zurek, the one who brought Gertie to life, lives in the CSRA with her husband and two daughters. Southeastern Exposure is a unique photo booth that can be rented for events such as weddings, birthday parties, grand openings for businesses, and much more. Leigh was inspired to bring Gertie to the CSRA after noticing there was nothing like that here. “In California, we were at an event that had a camper photo booth and I thought ‘gosh, this is so cute!’ When we moved here in 2018, I wanted to have a photo booth camper at my birthday party. We couldn’t find one, so I told my husband that we should get a camper, renovate it, and turn it into a photo booth,” says Leigh. 

  Inside the camper is where the magic happens. Renters can customize the decorations and colors, and props are provided. “You can choose from several different backdrops like greenery and flowers,” says Leigh. The borders on the photo prints can be customized to match the color scheme for your wedding or party, include the date with a small message, and can be sent to your phone digitally. For weddings, they offer flash drives with all the photos taken and a guest book for people to leave photos and a message.

  “With any event, like birthdays and grand openings for a business, it’s always something people are thrilled about. They rented the camper for a reason and just to see that excitement, brings excitement. I like to see that I’ve made someone else happy,” she shares. While Southeastern Exposure can come to any event, Leigh tells us that weddings are extra special to her. “I really love weddings! I remember getting married and the joy I felt. Being able to see that through the eyes of someone else is fun; it’s really special and a great way to have memories. It’s one thing when you hire a wedding photographer and you’ve got pictures from the night, but this is a different side of the people, the guests, and of the bride and groom. When you’re sitting in a photo booth and you’ve got your props, it’s fun and energetic,” says Leigh.

If you would like to rent Gertie for your next event and see a full list of services, please visit www.southeasternphotocamper.com. Keep up with Leigh and see where Gertie will be next by following them on Facebook at Southeastern Exposure and Instagram @southeasternphotocamper.

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