Meet Mark Baird

Richmond's Accounting Expert with a Passion for Community Engagement

Mark Baird's journey into accounting is fascinating. Initially a Computer Science major, he quickly lost interest and switched over to Human Resources. During this period, he was required to take two accounting courses. Despite being the kind of student sitting at the back of the classroom reading the school newspaper or working on other homework, he excelled in all his accounting classes. One day, the teacher's assistant recognized Mark's exceptional skills in accounting and urged him to pursue a career in this fascinating field. And from that point on, Mark's journey to becoming an accounting professional began!

Mark now assists small businesses and individuals in navigating the complex world of taxes through his company, GRS Accounting Solutions. "Numbers can tell a story about an individual or business, and you need to be able to read the numbers," Mark explains. He provides an example of a client who recently received a large tax bill from the IRS due to inaccurate reporting of the sale of their primary residence. Mark efficiently resolved the issue by leveraging his knowledge of IRS rules and regulations that others may not possess. With his expertise in tax matters, he is fully equipped to help his clients conquer the complexities of tax laws and regulations, collaborating with other professionals to provide comprehensive financial advice. Mark focuses on helping clients plan and avoid unexpected expenses to prevent any surprises.

When Mark isn't crunching numbers, he is a dedicated community member, actively involved in both Rotary and the United Methodist Church. He is passionate about helping those in need and is associated with the Forward Foundation, which provides financial aid and guidance to single parents requiring assistance with childcare. Additionally, Mark is a proud foster parent who has adopted six children and is currently raising a grandchild.

To learn more about Mark's accounting services through GRS Accounting Solutions, visit or call (804) 387-5649.

"I perceive myself as a collaborative individual who guarantees the inclusion of all team members when deemed necessary." - Mark Baird

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