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Lower Manhattan view from Little Island

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Meet our Publisher

Manhattan City Lifestyle's publisher, Kevin Hicks, shares a bit about his life and local interests

My name is Kevin Hicks and I’m excited to be launching Manhattan City Lifestyle!! I grew up in a small town in the middle of Washington State, moved to Seattle for college, raised a family and lived there most of my life before moving to Manhattan in 2006 ... and I have enjoyed every single New York minute! Even though I've lived here over 17 years now (doesn't that make me a "local"?) I still see our city every day through the eyes of a tourist. I’ve met such wonderful people in our communities across the city, eaten at some amazing restaurants, heard some incredible music, and have started partnering with many exciting businesses. I look forward to bringing their stories - and yours! - to the pages of Manhattan City Lifestyle.

These are just some of my favorite places in Manhattan.

  • Shakespeare in the Park - Hamlet
  • Any sunny afternoon in Bryant Park
  • Lower Manhattan view from Little Island
  • My favorite new "floating bar" on the Hudson
  • Amazing fall night on Stone Street
  • This just makes me laugh everytime I walk by it. "Who ya gonna call?"
  • The annual Hudson River Blues BBQ Festival is NOT to be missed!