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Photo by: Cody Maher

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Meet ResiBrand's Steven Montgomery

The founder/CEO share his journey from painter to buildng a franchise empire rooted in Austin

ResiBrands is on a mission to lead what founder Steven Montgomery calls a “home-service revolution," doing work so well they lift the entire trade. Resibrands, started in 2011 with That 1 Painter, an interior and exterior painting company (and more!). But, Steven’s entrepreneurial ambition was evident long before that. Steven, who moved to Austin in 2009, grew up helping his father, a professional painter, with painting projects after school. During Steven’s short-lived run at college, he would borrow his father’s painting equipment and do his own jobs, until he decided to drop out of college to start his own painting company full-time. We spoke to Steven to learn more about his journey and ResiBrands, which he co-founded in 2022 with friend Allan Alarcon, and now also includes Garage Up, a full-service garage door and garage door repair company, and Pink’s Window Service, all of which they franchise.

It sounds like you were born an entrepreneur. I grew up around the world as a child of missionaries and my first entrepreneurial venture was running a paper route when I was a kid living in Australia.

What was the aha moment that led you to drop out of college?

 Originally, I convinced myself that I would finish college online while simultaneously building my company. That didn't end up happening until many, many years later, but it was what originally gave me the confidence to take the leap.

You started franchising in 2021, how many franchises do you have in the Austin area?

 For all of our brands combined, we have 9 franchises in the greater Austin area.

What’s the start-up cost to start a That 1 Painter, Pinks, or Garage Up franchise?

 Your all-in investment starts at $113,000

What kind of support do you offer franchisees?

Our main goal is just more. We offer more than anyone else in home-service franchising. This includes our in-house marketing agency, appointment center, online training, subcontractor training, employee training, sales training, national account vendor relations, and sales events.

 What’s your day-to-day role now?

 Ensuring that all of my team has all that they need to do their jobs well.

Are there other services you’d like to add to ResiBrands?

Yes. Eventually, we'd like to be able to service the entire home. 

What sets That 1 Painter apart from other painting companies?

We truly want to be the best house guests ever. We focus on the customer experience first and foremost. We believe that customers should assume that professionalism and good work are the bare minimum. We want to go above and beyond to offer world-class service to our customers. 

What do you enjoy doing in Austin when you’re not working?

 I coach my 8 year-old son's soccer team here in Austin (Go Eagles) and I hang out with my kids. That's pretty much my entire life- work and spending time with my family.

What’s the best advice you’ve received?

Advice from my mentor, John Maxwell. "Your success will never surpass your ability to lead people."

What’s your favorite quote?

Another from my mentor, "If you stop loving people, you should stop leading people." - John Maxwell

Check out for more on ResiBrands services and if you’re interested in franchise opportunities – which they call ‘joining the shiver,’ explaining that a shiver is “a shiver is clever collective noun for a group of sharks. As a shiver, we’re all about getting after it and pursuing success with a fierce determination, while having a bit of fun along the way.”

  • Photo by: Cody Maher
  • Photo by: Cody Maher