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How Judith Goldman's Front Range Design Center Is Revolutionizing The Business of Building

Article by Kelli Ruhl

Photography by Kelsey Huffer

Originally published in Boulder Lifestyle

“Simple, yet radical.”

That’s the phrase Judith Goldman uses to describe her latest innovative endeavor: Front Range Design Center (FRDC). Launched as a sister company to her renowned design firm, Design Studio Interior Solutions, FRDC is a golden example of what Goldman does best: thinking outside of the box.

She wants to “disrupt the building industry” by revolutionizing how trade professionals execute their projects—namely, by streamlining the behind-the-scenes processes that often bog down building projects and allowing the pros to get back to doing what they do best.

One of the greatest “pain points,” as Goldman deems them, of any given project, include finding, managing and delivering the product necessary to realize the client’s vision. The FRDC team can take care of everything product-related, not only offering a vast selection of residential, commercial and hospitality products, but also handling all logistics, from spec-ing, sign-offs, take-offs, and ordering, to receiving, storing and delivering.

To put it simply, FRDC gets the product where it is needed, when it is needed.

FRDC’s showroom features an expansive collection of carpet, flooring, countertops, hundreds of fabrics, several lines of cabinetry, two lines of Design Studio custom furniture, wall coverings, window treatments, and more. For commercial and hospitality projects, FRDC simplifies the selection process with product lines categorized into five price levels created to fulfill the furniture, fixture and equipment (FF&E) needs of a customer's budget. 

Between the relationships Goldman has secured with manufacturers around the world, her wholesale pricing, and enormous product spectrum, customers will be pressed to find as complete a package as FRDC. 

At FRDC’s core are nine highly experienced professionals with the expertise to help guide a project from start to finish. Beyond products and logistics, the team brings multiple “soft skills” to the table, each of which can be retained as needed throughout the project. Their team boasts a deep bench of experts capable of accommodating needs such as custom products, designing, drafting, space planning, and project management.

Goldman’s goal is two-fold: to keep architects, builders, contractors, and designers “out of the weeds” throughout their projects by providing behind-the-scenes support and solutions; and to bring together the trade community to collaborate and ensure their shared client’s vision is fully realized. She wants to bring the full project team “to the table” to work in unison.

Ideally, through FRDC trade, professionals can give and take work, pair up for specialized projects, and align for the benefit of the shared client. Goldman's vision is to build “an incredible alliance among those that want to add value to the building industry” and ”put Boulder on the map in a new way.”

Front Range Design Center (FRDC) offers an integrative and innovative approach to helping building industry professionals execute their projects on-time, on-budget, and without the pain points.

While the goal is to “disrupt the building industry,” Goldman wants to help build a foundation from which trade professionals across the country can excel, expand, and function together