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Midlothian Lifestyle and Short Pump City Lifestyle recently hosted their first Health & Wellness Expo. Attendees and exhibitors spent the evening at Gather Short Pump connecting with one another and tasting delicious treats while exploring all that these local experts had to showcase. Meanwhile, rotating wellness presentations took place in Gather’s Shark Tank room. It was an enlightening evening of education, networking, and fun!

Here we share some of our local health and wellness experts’ insights and inspirations. Check out what they had to say and maybe you’ll discover the exact resource you’ve been searching for in your own wellness journey.



Husband and wife team, Logan and Becky Pickels, are ISSA certified Personal Trainers, published authors, and co-founders of Wellness Warriors. Additionally, Logan is a certified Health Coach and Becky has a master’s in Occupational Therapy. They use their combined professional expertise and personal experiences dealing with numerous autoimmune diseases to help their clients transform their lives through healthier food, fitness, and lifestyle habits. “So many people think that living a life of wellness is difficult and ‘no fun!’ but that just isn't true,” says Becky. “Honestly, I believe living a life of wellness is easier and more fun!” For Logan and Becky, it’s all about setting priorities and building a strong foundation that you can maintain long-term.

“Overall better health and wellness is not a diet; it is a lifestyle. Therefore, the change is not quick, it takes time to see the great results one is after,” explains Becky. “But if you can remain diligent, constant, and consistent you will obtain the results you are after!” When life gets busy or stressful, Logan and Becky suggest focusing on staying properly hydrated and well-fed so that your body can better handle the added stress. They are also big fans of taking at least one 10-15-minute break a day, whether that be a short walk or some simple deep breathing exercises. Learn more at: wellnesswarriorslife.com



April Morris is the owner and founder of InnoVitamin Solutions. She has over 16 years of experience working as a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner specializing in liver disease, diabetes health, and lipid (cholesterol) management.

Her experiences working as an FNP showed her how critical proper hydration is to both disease management and general good health. “Our bodies are made of up to 60% of water,” explains April. “It is so important to hydrate every day. This improves your energy, metabolism, hair, skin, nails, digestive system, mood and so much more!” Bringing a reusable water bottle with you can help get you in the habit of drinking more water across the day. Fresh vegetables also tend to be high in water and can help you stay hydrated.

If you need an extra wellness boost, April and her team of registered nurses are ready to support you. InnoVitamin Solutions offers IV vitamin and hydration therapy to help your body rehydrate after an illness, better support an active lifestyle, or even as recovery after an overly indulgent night out. “InnoVitamin Solutions improves overall health by boosting energy, strengthening immune systems, and rehydrating clients so they can feel their best to live fulfilling, active lives,” says April. Treatments may take place at their Waterfalls Med Spa location in Bon Air, in-home, or at an event space. Learn more at: innovitaminsolutions.com



Jacqueline Boone holds numerous titles, including board-certified Acute Care Nurse Practitioner, IFM-certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, certified Usui Holy Fire Reiki Practitioner, and Holistic Pelvic Care™ Provider. She uses her broad professional expertise to help her clients transform their health through her holistic wellness practice, RevHeal Wellness.

Jacqueline lives by the Ebonee Davis quote, “The habits you created to survive will no longer serve you when it's time to thrive." Our survival habits are formed in times of stress. Unfortunately, this stress can be hard to let go of and is harmful to both our physical and mental health. During the Health & Wellness Expo, Jacqueline taught attendees some valuable stress-reducing tips during her presentation, A Holistic Approach to Stress Management. “Wellness is a state of wholeness, optimal functioning, and resonance and balance between our physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual selves,” says Jacqueline. Incorporating healthier stress management techniques into your daily life leads to greater wellness across all areas.

So how does Jacqueline take care of herself when life gets busy and stressful? “I build small changes into my daily routine- and I make it a priority,” says Jacqueline. “The times when it is busy are the times I need self-care the most!” Some ideas for “small changes” include bringing a water bottle with you, going to bed on time, using quick breathwork or relaxation techniques, or taking a short walk. Prioritizing our mental and physical health helps us function at our best.

“I help people achieve wellness on a different level- incorporating the mind, body, and spirit into the treatment plan to achieve real, lasting health from the inside out,” says Jacqueline. “This leads to not only changes in physical health, but in all areas of life.” Her clients gain healthier metabolisms, reduced inflammation, and balanced blood sugar, energy, and hormones. Book a session at their Midlothian location by visiting: revhealwellness.com



Brannon Howle is the owner of AmeriCare Richmond. He was inspired to open their Richmond location with his mom, Patty Howle, after experiencing the impact that caring for his grandmother had on their family. Patty spent her career working as a nurse and now serves as AmeriCare Richmond’s administrator and care director.

Brannon and Patty understand that managing the care of a loved one who is elderly or disabled can be overwhelming for family members. Fortunately, AmeriCare is there to make the process more manageable for caregivers and more effective for their clients. “AmeriCare provides home care services that enable seniors to stay in their home and be independent so that they can age in place,” explains Brannon. “Our clients come to us with many different situations, including post-surgery rehab, dealing with a chronic or debilitating illness, as well as end-of-life (hospice). We provide care so that their daily lives can be more fulfilling and comfortable.”

As a result, their clients get a faster and stronger recovery post-surgery, a nurturing and caring environment during a chronic illness or injury, and a source of love and comfort while in hospice. Additionally, the family gains peace of mind that their loved one is being well cared for, which allows them to enjoy their time together rather than spending it providing basic care tasks. Learn more at: americareinfo.com/richmond



Laurel Otey is a Birth and Family Wellness Coach and founder of her family-focused wellness practice, Layered Living. She supports expectant and new parents across the US through her prenatal and parenting programs, wellness talks, and exclusive Facebook group, The Birth and Baby Community.

As a mom of three, Laurel has had her share of frustrations and challenges in her own birth and parenting journeys. Her experiences taught her the importance of getting educated, adopting healthy habits, and staying actively involved in her family’s health from day one.

“Wellness starts before birth,” says Laurel. Research shows that our birth experiences impact mothers’ and babies’ short and long-term health. “The most effective way to have a better birth experience is to get informed and learn how to advocate for yourself,” explains Laurel. In her presentation during the Health & Wellness Expo, Top 5 Mistakes Moms Make When Writing a Birth Plan, she discussed the important role this, often undervalued, document plays in mothers’ birth experiences as well as their short and long-term health. Her prenatal programs give expectant parents the education and tools they need to effectively advocate for themselves in order to have a happier, safer, and healthier birth experience- no matter how their baby arrives!

Laurel removes the unknown around childbirth and overwhelms in parenthood, so that pregnant mothers gain an empowered birth experience and parents experience peace of mind that they have the support and resources needed to ensure their babies are well-fed, happily sleeping, and thriving.

“The habits we put in place for our babies in the first year impact their health and the health of the whole family long after,” says Laurel. “This is why it is so important to learn what those healthy habits should look like and how to implement them.” Through her parenting programs, Laurel’s clients discover how to make parenting easier and more fun through better health. Learn more at: layeredlivinglife.com



Marie Hayes is a baker, certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant, and the owner of Baker’s Therapy by Marie. To her, “Wellness is the total being in which we become aware, grow, develop, and move towards a healthy lifestyle and existence.” She supports her clients’ progress toward better health through her wide selection of vegan baked goods.

Marie models her lifestyle and business on the famous quote by American philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson, “The first wealth is health.” For Marie, it is not enough to simply make a delicious dessert. Instead, she makes it her mission to create food that nourishes your body, mind, and soul.

“The quality of your health directs the pathways of your life,” explains Marie. This is why all of her ingredients are thoughtfully sourced and selected based on their nutritional composition. And, of course, she never compromises on taste! Marie also makes it a point to never bake while stressed or in a bad mood. “Everything starts with the mind,” says Marie. “Think better, do better.” In addition to being vegan, Marie is able to accommodate those with food allergies. With Marie’s baked goods you can trust that every delicious bread, cake, and cookie is made with love, joy, and your health in mind. Start exploring Marie’s healthy sweet treats at: bakerstherapybymarie.com



Restore Hyper Wellness offers cutting-edge wellness modalities to decrease inflammation, optimize sleep, boost energy, and slow the signs of aging. Inspired by their own experiences after trying Restore’s services, two husband and wife teams, Niraj and Ankita Patel and Greg and Kara DeStephanis, joined forces to co-own the Midlothian location of Restore Hyper Wellness.

The Patels have also recently opened a brand-new location in Short Pump with Alli Wells as their general manager. Alli’s favorite service is their IV drip therapy. For Greg, Restore’s whole-body cryotherapy treatments have reduced his knee pain and improved his athletic performance. Some of their clients’ other favorite services include intramuscular shots, red light therapy, and mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy. All of their services are backed by scientific and medical studies.

“Our services are not meant to be one quick fix,” explains Jordan McFee, general manager of Restore Hyper Wellness in Midlothian. “To truly improve your health, you must commit to a lifestyle change.” With a goal-oriented mindset, their team of experts is ready to guide their clients toward better health so that they can live the best versions of their lives.

During their presentation at the Health & Wellness Expo, guests learned about Restore’s unique methodology which uses a combination of nine essential elements for optimizing the body and mind. By supporting each of these areas, they help their clients feel their best and reach their full potential so they can do more of what they love.

“Improving your long-term health is both a financial and time commitment,” explains Jordan. “Health is an investment, not an expense.” With this in mind, they encourage their clients to be proactive, not reactive. Restore Hyper Wellness offers numerous package options to help make their services accessible and affordable to anyone seeking better health. Learn more at:

Midlothian: restore.com/locations/va-midlothian-va013

Short Pump: restore.com/locations/va-henrico-greengate-va002



Caleigh Seligman is a registered nurse, yoga instructor, and the owner of Guiding Tree Yoga. She also holds certifications in Yoga Therapy and Prenatal Yoga and is a Reiki practitioner.

“Wellness, to me, is striving to make small, healthier choices, more often than not, that promote balance, fuel your body, and counter the effects of stress and the environment,” explains Caleigh. So what’s Caleigh’s top tip for better health? “Move your body. That’s it,” says Caleigh. “As a nurse, when I met patients that were thriving in older age, movement was the biggest and most consistent theme in their vitality.”

Yoga is her preferred form of movement because it, “builds strength, releases tension, and promotes flexibility in body and mind.” It also, “promotes self-awareness, love, and acceptance,” says Caleigh.

The broader yoga community defines yoga as, “a remembrance and a practice of coming back to wholeness.” To put that more simply, Caleigh describes yoga as, “a personal journey of self-discovery and growth that doesn’t require purchasing things.” While Caleigh recommends getting started with the help of an informed yoga instructor, she loves that yoga can be done anywhere and anytime.

Caleigh invites you to try out Guiding Tree Yoga located in western Henrico near Short Pump. Download the Guiding Tree Yoga app to view and register for classes, see events, or learn more at: guidingtreeyoga.com

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