Meet the Game-Winning Team of Women Creating Change for Others

A mutual love of TCU and promoting body positivity is the common bond for these two.

When you meet Kara Baker, it doesn’t take long to figure out she’s a true blue (or rather, purple) TCU fan. She is an alumna, two of her three sons attended the university, and in 1958, her father helped carry TCU’s basketball team to victory in the Southwest Conference Tournament. “My blood runs purple,” says Baker. 

She’s passionate about fitness and fashion too. In 2017, after visiting her cousin’s yoga shop, she decided to challenge herself by combining the things she loved to create a business of her own. Located in the Cultural District, Move Althesiure carries an assortment of fashion-forward brands that are hard to find anywhere else. Among these brands are Beach Riot, Vintage Havana fashion sneakers and swimwear, NUX Active, Glyder, Alo Yoga, L*Space and the largest selection of Aviator Nation apart from stores in Austin and Aspen. “ My clothes can take you from the gym, to lunch, to a night on the town.”

The business has been a blessing in disguise for Baker. “It started as owning a store and transpired into a real connection with people,” she says. When you consider her dedication to the community and partner it with her love of TCU sports, a collaboration with a player or a team seemed inevitable. Sure enough, once she connected with Lauren Heard, TCU’s star point guard, they knew it was a perfect match. “We realized how much shared history we have,” says Heard. “It’s nice to work with someone familiar with what I’m doing.” 

Currently playing her last season, Lauren is getting her master’s in Liberal Arts and will enter a counseling specialization program next semester. Dedication to success has always been a part of her life. “My mom always says ‘do what you have to do to do what you want to do,’” says Heard. This attitude resonated with Baker when it came time to consider Heard as Move Athlesiure’s brand ambassador. “Lauren represents positivity. She gets good grades, and she has good morals.” 

Their goal to promote female entrepreneurs and body positivity is only three months in the making, but both women truly believe in the cause. Kara goes out of her way to help her customers find the perfect fit in each brand she carries, and Lauren is thrilled to share the wide variety that the store carries. What are some of her favorite brands? “Any sweat bottoms or tops from Aviator Nation. I also love NUX, it’s super cute but comfortable. You can even wear it out at night,” she says. 

Want to see and learn more? Stop by Move Althesiure (3244 W 7th St.) or shop online at Don’t forget to use Lauren’s code LAURENH20 for 20% off! 

Lauren’s Tips for Top Performance on Game Day

1. Eat a good breakfast. Even if you’re not a morning person, getting enough fuel on game day is a must. The good news is you can choose just about anything for breakfast! Whether you like it savory or sweet, there are choices for every type of palate.

2.  Listen to your favorite music. When you’re prepping for the game, it’s important to find a way to get centered and focused. Lauren loves listening to R&B and Gospel music while she’s getting ready, so be sure to find the type of tunes that’ll get you into game mode. 

3. Head to the gym or field for prep time. Lauren believes it’s essential to arrive early, take some shots, dribble, and do a walk-through on the court or field to get into the mindset you need to perform at your highest level.

4. Take care of your body. Whether it’s seeing the sports trainer, using a massage tool, or getting taped up, Lauren stresses how important it is to have your body warmed up and ready to go before it’s time to join your team and get ready for the game. 


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