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Meet the Makers

Lawrence Art in the Park Sneak Peek

Matt Roman

Matt Roman of Resurrected Woodworks considers himself a lifelong woodworker. He creates heirloom quality household and art pieces out of scavenged lumber, much of it from trees removed due to urban sprawl. His furniture, household goods, vessels, and sculptures are beautifully crafted. Learn more at

Lori George

Lori creates expressionist florals and abstracts with vivid colors and layers. Working primarily in acrylic, she often incorporates pastels, collages, and paint pens. She also teaches free art tutorials on Let’s Make Art and Olive and Archer’s Unbound program. Learn more at

Jen Foster

Jen creates intricate pen and ink drawings influenced by the chaos and symmetry in everyday life. Negative/positive space, perspective, and tonal gradients guide much of what she creates; clean, straight lines alongside tangled, organic elements add contemplative depth to her art. Learn More at

Rebecca Bancroft

Everywhere she looks, Rebecca sees bots waiting to be reunited with heads, appendages, and bodies. It has become her mission to rescue these parts, reassemble them, and release completed robots into the world again. Made of vintage metalware, each bot has its own name, story, and personality for you to bond with. Meet them at

Allison Ice

Allison’s jewelry transforms familiar childhood elements into bizarre objects and unexpected wearables. Her creations whimsically question and satirize the human experience. With an MFA from KU, Allison’s talent shines. Her work is truly original. You can learn more at