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So often, we define ourselves and others by a title or label. But, who is the person behind the success?

Podcasts are the latest trend from self-help to solving crimes their seems to be a little something for everyone. Gilbert City LIfestyle is happy to partner with the Gilbert Chamber of Commerce to introduce you to some of the our most respected community leaders via podcast.  Join the hosts, Sarah Watts and Ben Kalkman, as they explore the human journey of leaders - their stories of humility, triumph, roadblocks, and lessons learned - as they reflect on how they became who they are today and share stories of inspiration and hope with listeners.

Mindy Jones

A dynamic leader with a proven track record of success in both the public and private sectors. A native of Arizona, she is the owner of the Amy Jones Group, a residential real estate team serving the Valley. She is a hustler with heart who sets goals to one-up herself while leading herself, her son, and her team to greatness.

Sharon Fallon

As a Human Resources expert on behalf of Dignity Health, Sharon Fallon has built her career with the focus of empowering others, and she's learned how to empower herself along the way. A veteran, Gilbert Leadership graduate, HR professional, and CEO of the Fallon squad, Sharon is on the journey to overcome her biggest fear of all - greatness!

Bryce Bunker

Bryce Bunker is the President of a Gilbert Memorial Park, Bunker Family Funerals & Cremation, and Co-Founder of Bryce is an ASU graduate, fourth-generation funeral director, Gilbert resident, and father of three. He is a lover of Arizona sports, his family, and his faith (not necessarily in that order). Professionally, Bryce is driven to change the funeral industry by breaking stereotypes and providing families with more modern, convenient, and custom experiences that provide hope and healing. 

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