Meet the Man Behind Top Grain Interiors

From Creation to Installation, Top Grain Interiors Does It All

This pandemic has caused us to spend a lot of time indoors, leading many of us to invest in improving our homes. Top Grain Interiors is a one-stop shop for all your custom carpentry needs. Owner, Misho Papuga, and his crew specialize in all sorts of carpentry including cabinets, built-ins, wine rooms and much more.

Misho came to the United States 18 years ago in 2003 from Serbia. He started out working with a framing crew for about six months, and was then asked by a finished carpenter to join their team. “I started with the company and pretty much fell in love with that – with finished carpentry,” Misho says. Things began to slow down in 2008 which led Misho to split from the crew and do some freelance carpentry and housework.

In late 2008, Misho was referred to a custom builder in Avon whom he worked with until 2016 before starting his own company. He was a finished carpenter and was in charge of a number of built-ins and custom carpentry projects. Misho learned most of his skills in this position and has carried them with him into his own business.

Misho is a jack of all trades when it comes to carpentry because from has done it all, from mantels to bookshelves to built-ins and everything between, he has done it all. As such he loves a good challenge.

“I like it when someone brings me a page from a magazine and asks me if I can do it. I enjoy doing that,” Misho says. Something that he appreciates about his job is that it is never the same. Misho went on to say, “At the end, when you see that they get exactly what they envision, it’s really rewarding. I think that’s the biggest part that I like about it.”

Thankfully, the pandemic did not severely impact his business. It never had to shut down and the only task they had to work around was appointment cancellations. In a way, the pandemic helped the business. With everybody staying home and not spending money on vacations, restaurants or activities, people were able to invest that money into remodeling their homes.

Top Grain Interiors stands out from other carpentry companies in a number of ways. Misho says, “I never like to compare really, but what I’ve heard from my customers is that we’re more affordable and we’re a one-stop shop. We do it all. In one way, that’s what we take pride in. We go from design to installation.” As the owner, Misho is involved in most of the process from beginning to end, which helps him to oversee the quality of products going out of his shop.

Misho has a huge appreciation for his crew and always makes sure they receive the credit they all deserve. He said that his customers often rave about what nice guys and true professionals he has working for him. For Misho, hearing that directly from his clients means the world to him. He cherishes what he has, who he has working for him and he makes sure that it does not go unrewarded.

Misho and his crew pride themselves on having outstanding customer service and positive relationships with every client they work with. The crew has never had a customer that they have ended on bad terms with. “That is one thing that I firmly believe in. I don’t mess around with that. Even if it hurts me, I will not leave my customer unhappy,” Misho says genuinely.

For more information about Top Grain Interiors, please visit their website at, or call Misho Papuga at 330.730.6385.

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