Meet the McKeans

McKean's Floor to Ceiling is more than a business. It's a family.

Designs, fashions, and even businesses can change over more than half a century, but one thing that often endures is family. And while the styles and offerings have evolved throughout the decades, McKean's Floor to Ceiling is more than just a legacy of a local business. McKean's is a family.

Initially founded by Dennis McKean inside his garage, McKean’s has developed into a family business and legacy forged alongside his wife Donna and passed on to their children.

"This November, it will be 61 years," said Darren McKean. He, alongside his younger brother Dave, now co-owns the business they inherited from their parents.

It has since expanded through multiple locations, leading to the company's current building near the southwest corner of 108th and Harrison Streets, where it offers a one-stop shop for remodeling and new construction, delivering almost all one could need with uncompromising integrity for all who enter its doors.

While initially offering floor coverings, the two recounted how the family business naturally evolved into countertop fabrication until joining the floor-to-ceiling buying group in the early 2000s.

"We've prided ourselves on being a one-stop shop," said Darren. Noting the ever-growing busyness of life, the store provides an array of products so people can come in or visit online at McKeans.com to use room visualizers or peruse galleries to dream it all in one place rather than use multiple businesses. And once a customer has an idea, McKean's can do as much or as little as the customer wants. This practice, he said, has resulted in return business in both new construction and remodeling.

"We'll take it from there! We can do a project so they don't have to lift a finger," Darren said. "Unless they want to—and if they do, we'll work with them too."

While the business has evolved with the market, the McKean family has grown alongside it, with many of the employees, from tile installers to showroom designers, a part of the family.

Two third-generation employees include Ryan McKean, Darren's son and sales manager, and Tena Gryder. Tena serves as the office manager, inheriting the role from her mother, Dennise, the oldest child of Dennis and Donna. 

"I was her right hand and was able to take over the role after her passing in 2021," Tena said.

Cousins Tena and Ryan both recounted how growing up in the family and the business went hand-in-hand, with all four of them at some point working part-time through their teen years to eventual full-time employment.

"As a grandchild, to hear stories from my mom about the things that weren't always easy, but how Grandpa worked to build this company. For me, there's pride in what it's become," Tena said.

"I don't really know much other than this business," Ryan added. "You learned it from Grandpa and Grandma growing up—and now watching these guys do it."

"We've been doing something right for 60 years!" said Dave. "I'd like to think that longevity proves something."

Despite all the growth, however, Dave said McKean's will always strive to deliver that small-town, family service and integrity associated with its roots in Ralston.

"We've always been drawn to that small-town feel," he said. "We've stayed in the area and continue to have that."

Darren, Tena, Dave, and Ryan all said potential customers are welcome to walk in and explore McKean's options or visit them online. The family is ready and excited to help make renovation or new construction dreams a reality.

"As a grandchild, to hear stories from my mom about the things that weren't always easy, but how Grandpa worked to build this company. For me, there's pride in what it's become." - Tena Gryder

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