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Meet the Willis Brothers! 

Gagnant Media's Youngest Employees Take the Stage

Article by Jada Garner

Photography by Becca McCoy

Originally published in SOFU Lifestyle

Back-to-school season is typically a time of new beginnings, and here we honor three employees who are positively impacting the next generation! 

Braedon Willis is a rising high school junior at Westminster Schools in Atlanta. A Christian who attends Buckhead Church on a weekly basis, Braedon is also a leadership team member comprised of high school students who assist high school programs continue to thrive. He participates in football and track and field and interns at SOFU Lifestyle Magazine and his mother's media company, Gagnant Media. Through his internship, Braedon has mastered a variety of talents and gained event-planning experience from Sheila Mants, owner of "Added Pizzazz"®. Braedon plans to attend Georgia Tech to study mechanical engineering in the future. He wants to work in the automotive industry developing or creating new and improved technologies for vehicles. Braedon’s ultimate goal is to launch his own exotic car company, "Willis Motorized Vehicles."

Triston Willis works as a researcher for the “According to Michelle Radio Show,” as well as for some distinct clients directly under publisher Michelle Taylor Willis. His work entails handling media content, videography, and photography. Earlier in his profession, Triston gained skills in learning how to find every piece of information about people of interest. He hopes to achieve the best results in media creation and research development over time and aims to discover relevant information that is thorough and deep enough to provide a complete history of persons. He plans to assist with any and all tasks required to establish a strong work foundation and gain skills that he can apply in a variety of careers.

Pace Willis is a student at Sutton Middle School who works at SOFU Lifestyle Magazine and Gagnant Media. At SOFU, Pace has learned valuable skills, including creating spreadsheets, effective communication, and proofreading, that he can take into his future career. He aims to be a better addition to SOFU Lifestyle in the future by always growing and expanding his experiences. Pace's next career move is to focus on his craft and make it to the NBA. He aspires to play in leagues from high school through college. 

Author Jada Garner is a junior English major at Spelman College. This past and ongoing semester, she has had the most amazing experience working for the award-winning PR Agency EpiMediaGroup as a communications coordinator and at SOFU Lifestyle Magazine as a writing intern. She aspires to perfect her craft in the broadcasting journalism field and pursue her passion of researching and writing about third world countries and raising awareness.

“Thank you the Southside Theatre Guild for hosting this photo shoot.  Southside Theatre Guild in Fairburn is Metro Atlanta’s oldest continually running all-volunteer community theatre, having just celebrated its 50th birthday.  Learn more at

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