Spotlight: A6 Homes

Your friendly, neighborhood handyman, Tim, is taking care of your home project to-do list

Whoever is number one on your speed dial, you may want to preemptively apologize as they’ll now be bumped to the number two spot to make room for your new favorite neighborhood handyman, Tim Addink, owner of A6 Homes. “I do a bit of everything,” says Tim. “Anything from changing a door knob to full kitchen remodels.” 

Tim is a renaissance man of his trade. “One thing I love about my work is the variety and working with my hands. I love getting the right tool for the job though my wife would probably say I have too many tools,” laughs Tim. Tim has a full workshop to prepare for the job at hand. “Currently, I’m in the process of building a screen door for a client, but I do everything from painting, tiling, LVP flooring, drywall, to room remodels and minimal plumbing and electrical work, truly a bit of everything.” 

Doing handyman work since high school, Tim filled the family home with his numerous projects, building cabinets, a bookcase, shelves, a TV stand, and a crib for his sister. It wasn’t soon after Tim took his hobby to the next level, taking on bigger remodeling jobs for outside clients before opening his own business. 

“I started A6 Homes after seeing a need in the market,” explains Tim. “While doing remodel jobs here and there, I talked to a lot of people who were looking for a reliable and trustworthy person. Someone they could hand over their keys to and say, ‘Hey, can you take care of this?’ and know that it will get done.”

Tim also holds a general contractor’s license, opening the door for larger projects. And after redoing his entire home, Tim’s ready to take on more remodeling jobs. “My wife and I had bought a foreclosed home in rough shape. We gutted the basement, completely moved the kitchen, and removed several walls to open up the upstairs area. It was a big undertaking but well worth it,” says Tim. “Now, I’d like to start taking on a few smaller remodeling projects in addition to the handyman work. Whether it’s a laundry room, a bathroom, or kitchen.”

Currently, Tim is a one-man band. However, he works with a network of trusted colleagues in case the project falls outside his expertise. “I want my clients to have the best experience. So, whether that’s with me or with someone else, I will recommend either way,” says Tim. 

Tim’s easy-going and friendly personality makes any home project a stress-free experience. “I love the interaction with my clients,” says Tim. “I want to make sure you’re proud of your home, that you feel safe in your house and love where you live.” If you need a project done, there’s no rigamarole. Text or leave a message with Tim directly describing what you need to be done, including some pictures if you’d like, and he’ll schedule a call to discuss the project. “I do like to come out most of the time to look it over, and then within two or three days, you’ll receive a quote,” explains Tim. “I try to make things as easy as possible for everyone.”

Looking to the future, Tim hopes to expand A6 Homes, bringing on more talented handymen to have a few more crews available to his clients. But for now, Tim is happy to take on your home project to-do list so you can finally have the home you’ve always envisioned and don’t have to resign yourself to constantly explaining to guests how you have to jiggle the bathroom door handle just right. Visit a6homes.com to learn more.

I want to make sure you’re proud of your home, that you feel safe in your house and love where you live.

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