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meet...Gina Chavez

Bi-lingual musician Gina Chavez makes music that takes people on a journey. She says, “There is no life without movement, so my sound is constantly changing as I discover more about myself. Whether it's uncovering my lost Latin heritage or learning to love myself as a queer person in the church, I invite people to journey with me. My latest album, "La Que Manda" tells the story of a woman stepping into her own power. It was my first all-Spanish language album and landed me on the red carpet at the Latin Grammys last year. And now, I'm discovering the power of drag! I'm about to drop my first remix and it's a glitterbomb that'll have you ready for the club in no time. She Persisted (Remix) dropped in November and the music video features queens from RuPaul's Drag Race and yours truly doing drag for the first time.”

Along with Carrie Rodriguez, the 2020 Latin Grammy nominee wrote and sings the theme song for Brene Brown’s podcast, “Brene Brown is the real deal,” she says. “It's just amazing how she has literally created a global conversation around the power of vulnerability. She is changing lives, relationships and entire cultures by diving deep into topics that most of us run from.” Gina says it came into fruition because Brene, “slipped into my DMs.” Although, they didn’t meet until ACL 2021. But when they did, she says, “It was magical.”

And, although she’s getting international acclaim, Austin will always be home. “I'm a native Austinite, so Austin is my home in every sense of the word. I love Austin because my family is here, my past and my present are here. I am Austin-made and Austin is in me.”

Instagram: @GinaChavez

3 Things on My Bucket List

1. Take my wife to Japan

2. Sell out Red Rocks Amphitheater

3. Win a Grammy

5 Things I’m Currently Obsessed With:

1. The Enneagram (I'm a 9w8)

2. Siete Foods (pretty much every item they make)

3. Anything for Selena podcast

4. Fashion!

5. Ted Lasso 

What advice would your 16-year-old self give you?

Remember... you're a big goof! Always have been ;)

Words You Live By (or favorite quote):

I am not afraid of better

What advice would your 70-year-old self be giving you?

Stop thinking about it and just make a move! 

Favorite venue to play: 

Red Rocks (manifesting it ;)

Favorite place to write: near an open window where I can hear the birds chirping (or our neighbor's rooster when he's feisty)