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How to Bring Out the Best in Our Kids

Today’s world is filled with negative influences and heartbreaking stories of children struggling with depression and anxiety. Adults must become beacons of light, demonstrating values, positivity and hope. 

It’s not always comfortable being the change you hope to see in others. We need our actions to break through the noise to encourage our family and those around us to embrace their unique gifts and live up to their true potential.

Kids, especially our teens, face increased stress and anxiety including the overwhelming pressure to be perfect like the influencers they see on social media. They might think they need to earn love and self-worth. It’s important to emphasize unconditional love and acceptance free from the need to prove themselves.

Expect amazing things from your kids. Focus on the possibility of success first. Instead of saying, “That is going to be hard. Don’t get your hopes up,” it’s better to show you believe they can do it. Plant the seed of greatness through your expectations and foster a supportive, encouraging dynamic.

Encourage progress, not perfection. Applaud effort and growth, not just the end result. Rather than saying, “You got all A’s! I’m so proud of you,” try to say, “I’m proud of your hard work to make this happen.” Nurture their belief in limitless potential. 

Create a safe space. We must build a foundation of mutual trust, transparency and respect. Help them pursue a skill or hobby that makes them happy, not one that makes you happy. Ask questions about their dreams and fears, and keep the lines of communication open without judgment. Show up consistently as someone they can count on to do what you say you will do. Tell them you love them and show them small acts of kindness regularly. 

Motivate your kids to go big. Going the safe route limits potential. Taking a risk and going after a big goal allows us to see what we’re made of. It’s how we become better.

Our moods and personalities influence our children and their potential through emotional contagion. Your energy, positive or negative, affects others consciously and unconsciously. Take a look at how you’re showing up at home. By managing your emotions, you can transmit positivity, hope and excitement by embodying those qualities yourself.

Now is the time to double down on your positive influence. As a community, we can change the trajectories of our youth and help them reach greater heights than ever imagined.  

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