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City Lifestyle Asks Business Leaders About What Constitutes Best Immersive Customer Experiences

Immersive customer experiences: These days, customers seem to crave certain kinds of 'experiences' with products and services, along with equitable price points and quality. City Lifestyle asked local business leaders the following two, key questions: 1) In 2023, what do you believe most influences the way that consumers experience the process of choosing, purchasing and enjoying goods and services? 2)Where do you think this interactivity between businesses and consumers is heading in the future?

Todd Tressler
Owner, Tressler Associates

"Approachable brands win in today’s market. Fair pricing and quality products and services are market expectations. Customers want to feel appreciated, valued and less like a number or transaction. That’s where approachability shines. A brand who shares who they are with sincerity can have more opportunities to build meaningful connections with their customers, who make choices based on how an experience made them feel. It’s what people remember most. When the experience is true and real, it is powerful. It can be the key differentiator for your business, no matter what industry you are in. Staying approachable ensures you stay focused on them and not on yourself.

Who isn’t talking about Artificial Intelligence these days? Artificial Intelligence has exploded into the market and shows no signs of slowing down. While AI will have extraordinary benefits in many industries, there will still be the need and desire for human connection and a human workforce. The legal industry must stay on the leading side of these conversations as AI continues to integrate across the world. Businesses who serve consumers must continue to prioritize and focus on soft skills to ensure their consumer experience stands out in the AI age."

John Walker
Owner, AKT & Stride Fitness

"Today's social media and online research are the main ways people discover the value, quality and suitability of products they're interested in, and therefore will have the biggest influence over purchases. Internet search engines, along with social media companies, have become very proficient at tracking every click and swipe made on every cell phone, computer and tablet, using this information to tailor advertising to the person receiving it. 

As the speed of communication becomes ever faster and artificial intelligence becomes more mainstream, I believe in the future we'll see a revolution in advertising where billboards can predict and adjust which messages to post by detecting the cell phones (and their owners) that are approaching, choosing displays that will be of the most interest to the coming audience. This theme could be repeated wherever advertisements can be found from movie theaters to grocery stores. We may even see movies and television shows that are self-adjusting according to the audience watching them, all with the purpose of introducing the right person to the right product at the right time.  

While effective, all of this technological marketing can cause a separation from human connectivity which everyone craves whether they know it or not. That is where the brands I'm bringing to Nashville, Stride Fitness and AKT, can really make a difference. Our strong community is what keeps them coming back, day in and day out, to experience our unique fitness workouts and reach their goals along with their friends."

Todd Lawrence
Owner, Blingle's Nashville West Tennessee

"My experience as a consumer myself mirrors that of the clients we serve. A competitive price is important; however, value is equally, if not more important. As a service provider, consumers are looking for ease, reliability and communication. 

At Blingle!, we focus on delivering an exceptional experience from start to finish. Our process starts with listening to our clients to understand their vision for a particular project. From there, we get to work on a customized design and collaborate with our client along the way. When it comes time to execute on the agreed upon plan, we utilize superior quality products and we stand behind our work. As a result, we have the pleasure of lighting up our clients lives and creating a memorable moment and experience. 

I anticipate the engagement between consumers and businesses will continue to evolve. It will be essential to have various options for consumers to choose how they communicate with you, whether it through phone, web, text or chat. A business must be able to educate, communicate effectively, and articulate their value through every interaction."


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