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Men, This One's For You

Therapy will make you stronger

The biggest hurdle individuals face in seeking therapy is the societal stigma and old-fashioned ideas of good health.

"Therapy is something that we, at Lotus Wellness Counseling, feel can be beneficial to anyone, no matter what age, race, gender, or sexuality," says Meenal Patel, MA, LCPC/LPC and CEO/founder of Lotus of Wellness Counseling, LLC.

"Together, let's normalize mental health conversations, educate ourselves about therapy, realize there will be a positive outcome, address specific concerns and fears and promote our male-friendly therapists," she says. It's important for people to know there are alternatives and options, and to prioritize self-care. "We lead by example, provide resources and create a supportive environment. Always."

"Men often think that therapy is a sign of weakness and do not want to confront and work through emotional issues," notes Meenal. "Stereotypes also play a big role, in that individuals think that you should go to therapy only if you suffer from mental illness."

For men who are fathers, therapy can improve parenting skills and communication, allowing dad and the family to process their feelings and manage stress. "Role modeling is hugely beneficial to show children that therapy is healthy. Therapy encourages self-reflection and personal growth, allowing men to identify and work through obstacles," says Meenal.

Male clients at Lotus come to therapy with a variety of concerns, including substance abuse, mental health concerns, relationship dynamics, work stress, grief and loss, identity and self-esteem issues, and anger management.   

"Therapy offers a different perspective and a conversation with a trained individual," she says. 

Lotus Wellness Counseling, LLC is a virtual psychotherapy practice. Providers see clients starting around the age of 13 to elderly adults, and work with individuals, couples, and families with all different types of concerns. "We understand that therapy can be scary, but we are here to help guide and support you," promises Meenal.

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For men who are fathers, therapy can improve parenting skills