Men With Style

“A well-dressed man in Naples is a man who is not afraid to express himself and show his individuality through his custom-designed attire.”

Rickey Lamitie should know. Originally from Malone, New York, he has spent the last 42 years as a bespoke men's clothing designer, for the last 11 years, in Naples and Aspen. “It is a man by nature who can make a statement through his unique presence in a room. It is a man who embraces his lifestyle and shows his style in a manner that accentuates his body's natural shape and allows him to experience true comfort with every step,” says Rickey, president at élevée Fine Clothing, who dressed most of the men for this story. He and élevée designer Clark Russell help the gents find just the right expression. 

Aaron Barnes

CEO and founder, Resolutions Title Inc. Lived in Naples since 2016.

Tried and true: I still wear a pair of Lacoste tennis shoes that I bought in Rome.

I’ve never seen them sold the US and they are very comfortable. Timeless. 

The Naples man: He dressed casually and comfortably, but also crisply. He has a clean and pressed look at any time of the day.

My Father’s Day: I will be with my wife Lorrie and likely watching our boys, Blake and Brayden playing in a baseball tournament. The perfect day.

Brad Bryant

Founder of Bryant Title and Bryant Law

Moved to Naples in 1981

Tried and true: I frequently wear a 10-year-old pair of lace-up Vans. They have a bit of a unique and somewhat obnoxious mix of patterns, but somehow seem to go with anything from swim trunks to slacks and a jacket. 

The Naples man: He exudes confidence in his style no matter the occasion. Though willing to try new fashions out of his comfort zone, he owns his own style and does not let the latest style or fad own him.  For example, all eras of James Bond boast style not only in the way he dresses, but also in the cocktail he orders and how he lights a cigarette. He keeps up with fashion through the eras, but holds true to his own style. 

My Father's Day: Here in Naples with my family. 

Patrick Dearborn 

Realtor / Fire Commissioner for Greater Naples. 20 years in Naples.

Tried and true: I have a Breitling watch that I bought 25 years ago. It was my first expensive watch and every time I wear it, it reminds me of how far I’ve come by working smart, not hard. It also reminds me of how valuable time is and to enjoy life and the here and now.

The Naples man: In Naples, you have to be “on your game” and dress for success. I love living in Naples, where most people truly care about how they represent themselves.

My Father’s Day: I will be in Spain with my wife and son. Our son is studying abroad for a summer session and we will be connecting with him. I can’t think of a better way to spend Father’s Day than with my family.

Christian Galt

Founder, and CEO of Galt Insurance Group, with 20 years in the insurance business - just as long as he’s been in Naples.

Tried and true: I still own a great black leather belt. It's my go-to item. It works with dressy or casual, business or travel attire. A good leather belt can last years and even if it gets weathered, it still looks good and fits even better. You can't go wrong with a nice belt. I have more shirts in my closet than any article of clothes, but the belts are a strong second. My most recent belt purchase is a light blue soft suede leather. However, my favorite belt is the American flag buckle belt meant for golf. My son and I have a matching one that we traditionally wear for our annual Fourth of July tee time.

The Naples man: Naples is a casual environment, but I always like to suit up for any business lunch or dinner.  A three-piece suit is always the best bet if you’re making strong relationships.

My Father’s Day: Outside with my three kids and wife, playing basketball or hitting golf balls as a family on the range. Hoping for some good sun, seeing my own Dad and spending the day by the pool. Loud music will be playing, possibly with a cold drink in hand.

Rick Giannasi

General manager at Del Mar Naples. After a career as an actor, he joined Ocean Prime Orlando, moving to Naples in 2016. 

Tried and true: My denim jean shirt was purchased in a little bohemian shop for $15 in Greenwich Village, NYC, in 1982. It has softened through the decades, like a fine wine, and is seeing a resurgence in popularity. 

The Naples man: A well-dressed Naples man is finely fitted, without being restricted. 

My Father’s Day: At Del Mar, welcoming and congratulating all the other papas!

Rocky Patel

Back in 1999, Rocky Patel chose Naples as his business home. Owner, BURN and Rocky Patel cigars. 

Tried and true: My Green Bay Packers leather varsity jacket. It is my good luck charm. 

The Naples man: The well-dressed man here is about casual fitted elegance.

My Father's Day: Sharing "my babies" with my loved ones, meaning my fine cigars. Or, cooking for a group of friends at home, out on the water boating and fishing, or on the golf course. I’m a chef. I love to cook, so we entertain a lot. That’s my r&r.   

Joe Pavich, Jr.

Joe has lived in Southwest Florida since 1989 and has been a full-time realtor since 2001. 

Tried and true: I wish there was a piece of clothing that was timeless. I like to keep up with new trends, so I don’t give them a chance to become timeless, because I get rid of them if I don’t wear them. However, I do have a Tag Heuer watch that I will never get rid of. I used to work in the mall at Burdines when I was younger and I would walk by the watch store every day. I wanted the Tag Heuer watch more than anything. I could not afford it, so I put it on layaway. It took me over a year to buy it. I keep it in my watch display case, front and center, and will never get rid of it. It brings back great memories of the struggle to get where I wanted to be. It is also a good conversation piece.

The Naples man: A well dressed Naples man is one that wears the outfit. The outfit doesn’t wear them. Always dress to impress and be confident in what you wear. Don’t be afraid to mix it up. Sometimes I don’t love the outfit I have on, and I get more compliments on it than the ones that I put more time into. 

My Father’s Day: On the boat with my family. 

Nick Richmond

Founder & CEO of Matrix Home Solutions. He has lived in Naples for 2 years.

Tried and true: An authentic North Carolina Michael Jordan jersey, the greatest basketball player that ever existed. I wore #23 throughout my sporting career. I also have the same birthday as Michael Jordan, February 17.

The Naples man: The well-dressed Naples man is typically confident and has an understated style. He is also sophisticated.

My Father’s Day: I'll be with my family in Arlington Heights, IL, enjoying our summer home. 

Michael Rubenstein

Senior fiduciary advisor for the Southeast United States for BMO Wealth Management. Grew up in Fort Myers. In Naples since 2016.

Tried and true: My first pair of Nike Air Jordan 1s. As a sports fan growing up in the Jordan era, you had to have a pair or Jordans, and AJ1s are the most classic and iconic. My weight and shape have fluctuated a bit over the years, but the shoe size has remained the same. They go well with everything: jeans, joggers, slacks, shorts. I find a reason to wear them as often as I can. AJ1s will always be a staple in my wardrobe. 

The Naples man: Style is unique to every individual. There is no one-size-fits-all mold you have to fit into. To me, whoever feels confident, comfortable, and happy is always the best dressed.   

My Father's Day: Being a father to my two boys is my greatest honor, pride, and joy. I will be spending the day as I do every year, with my dad and sons. The plans are flexible year to year, but the people are always the same, which is what is most important.

Eric Schwartz

Co-Founder Transcend Capital Advisors, partner, wealth advisor. He has lived in Naples part-time for eight years and full-time for the last year. 

Tried and true: The oldest piece in my closet that I still wear is an Army jacket that was my father’s. When my father passed, I wanted to have a memory of him where I could feel his presence, and this is the perfect thing.

The Naples man: I think this has most to do with fit, rather than dressing up. Whether it's shorts and a t-shirt or something more formal, I think a great look is a great fit.

My Father’s Day: I will be spending it with my wife Alison, 10th grader son Matthew, and college sophomore daughter, Sydney. 

Kevin R. Smith

Kevin's business involves partnering with capital providers, owners, and executive management teams in order to develop strategies and execute growth plans to rapidly increase values of companies and provide ongoing exit or retain-and-operate the platforms they build. In Naples since 2017. 

Tried and true: I have several pairs of quality leather shoes that date back more than 20 years. While styles come and go (and often come back again), I find that classic, high-quality shoes can remain timeless – and when properly cared for, can last decades.

The Naples man: I think there’s likely a multitude of “genres” of well-dressed men in Naples. I think what’s important is to maintain a style or design aesthetic that is comfortable and authentic for each person, while maintaining a “sense of place” based on the unique nature and spirit of Naples. I generally dress differently when in Naples than in New York, or the West Coast, or at our alternate home in Austin, TX.

My Father’s Day: I plan to be spending it with my father, who is 85 and lives in North Texas, and the rest of our family.

Chris Zazo

Founder of Hailstone Vineyards in Napa, California and Aspenmark Roofing & Solar in Dallas, Texas. Moved from Dallas to Naples 6 years ago.

Tried and true: A pair of vintage camouflage shorts that are from my fun years at Ohio State University. They are probably 35 years old and, believe it or not, they still fit! I originally purchased them for a Greek life event with the theme “Never Let Them See You Coming.” It’s fun to see them still in my closet after all these years, and to reflect back on my college education and life before my professional career.

The Naples man: The art of men’s fashion has seen a recent comeback with young professionals, especially here in Naples. It had been on life support for many years with the introduction of the business casual movement which didn’t include a suit or jacket. That quickly turned into casual sneakers and t-shirts! I appreciate the art of dressing well and confidently live by the motto "It’s better to be overdressed than underdressed." The well-dressed man in Naples knows how to tastefully combine more casual pieces with a nice jacket and shoes. With the opportunity for business and social connections everywhere in Naples, first impressions only happen once!

My Father’s Day: My plans for Father’s Day include spending time with my family and two “fur kids,” Ainsley and Dutton. I’ll be watching the U.S. Open in a swim suit and pocket square… just kidding!


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