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Men's Fashion Audit

Custom tailor Matt Harpalani shares the do's and don't of men's fashion

Owner of Imparali Custom Tailors, Matt Harpalani
Instagram: @imparali
3100 Timmons Lane, Suite 125
Houston TX 77027

This fall, Matt Harpalani of Imparali Custom Tailors encourages men to keep it simple. 

“Too many men try to mix many colors and patterns, making the outfit look too busy”, Matt says. It is all about a clean, polished look, not only for this season, but for the foreseeable future.

Matt is no stranger to the men's fashion world. Growing up in Houston, Matt worked at the family business, Bob's Custom Tailors, alongside his father, a tailor since 1967. As he got older, Matt decided to follow in his father's footsteps and run the family business one day.

After college, he moved to New York City, where custom suits are a staple in everyday business wear. Upon his arrival, he accepted a brief internship to learn about the New City fashion scene, and a year later, he opened his first store in 2006, Imparali Custom Tailors. 

After marrying and having children, Matt decided to open a second store in Houston to be closer to family, and his father even came out of retirement to help him run it. When the pandemic began in early 2020, Matt made Houston his permanent home but still regularly visits his New York store on 5th avenue.

"I think dressing well shows respect," says Matt, "not only for others, but it shows that you respect yourself for looking your best." 

Below, Matt shares his tips on staying on trend and looking your best. 


The latest trend is athletic leisurewear, with stretch materials like lycra and spandex. This has even become appropriate attire in some casual business settings.  


Baggy clothes are a thing of the past. "Looser clothing makes you look heavier these days.", says Matt. "Suits, pants, and shirts must be more fitted and streamlined."


Gone are the days of wearing a plaid shirt with a striped suit. "You don't ever want to wear pinstriped suits, period," Matt says, "but especially not with a patterned shirt because it gets too sloppy."


Stick to basic colors with nothing too flashy or too busy, especially for office wear. "You want to keep everything low-key and invest in classic pieces," says Matt. 




Invest in a dark navy suit, because you can wear it for almost any occasion. These suits are great for business meetings and interviews, but you can also wear the jacket as a sports coat. Brown or black shoes are both appropriate. 


A black tuxedo with a shawl lapel will always be a timeless look for multiple generations and appropriate for any formal occasion. Plus, it looks great; think of James Bond in Casino Royale.


It would be best if you stopped wearing trousers with pleats or cuffs. These are unflattering and have already been out of fashion for a while. Stick to the flat-fronted trouser. 


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