Men's Health & Wellness

 In a perfect world, we would eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and sleep eight hours a night, allowing us to avoid chronic disease and injury, and to live long, fulfilling lives. But the reality is, at some point, we all experience aches and ailments that interfere with our productivity and compromise our general wellbeing. Luckily, there are steps you can take to tilt the scales in your favor for a long, healthy life. 

Concierge Medicine

Dr. Michael D. Lewis, MD, an expert on men’s health issues and the brain who runs a concierge medical practice in Potomac, emphasizes the importance of maintaining optimal testosterone levels in order to counter the most common symptoms of aging in men. When working with a new patient, Dr. Lewis does a thorough blood analysis. Then, based on the results he prescribes a combination of exercise (weightlifting, strength, and interval training) and targeted nutritional therapy that covers diet and often includes fish oil and other supplements in very specific dosages. “It’s a travesty to approach this unscientifically,” he says. “Our patients are generally high-achievers, and when they begin to lose that edge they notice it. We provide a great way for them to regain that edge.” braincare.center

Treating Chronic Pain

According to the National Institutes of Health, over 25 million adult Americans suffer from chronic pain. Too often, treatment involves highly-addictive opioid painkillers or invasive surgery. With offices in Potomac and Fairfax, the team at Spine and Pain Clinics of North America (SAPNA) has over 20 years of experience in the treatment of pain brought on by injuries, arthritis, migraine headaches, degenerative spine disease, and other maladies. Dr. Majid Ghauri, MD, and his team work with your primary physician to identify the root cause of your pain and tailor a customized plan that employs the most cutting-edge treatments. “Rather than temporarily masking the pain with prescription pills,” says Dr. Ghauri, “we develop long-lasting treatment plans that aim for complete pain relief.” sapnamed.com

Physical & Stretch Therapy

Physical therapy (PT) is an integral component of orthopedic medicine that helps you to build strength and flexibility that aids in recovery from injuries and other conditions while helping to prevent future injuries. It is ideal for treating arthritis, back, and neck pain, and sports injuries like tendonitis and strains. It is also ideal for patients recovering from surgery. It can help reduce pain while improving mobility, balance, strength, and flexibility. The clinic at Metro Orthopedics & Sports Therapy (M.O.S.T.)  can help you to live a healthier, more active, and pain-free life. mostsportsmedicine.com

With three locations in Silver Spring and Washington, DC, Stretch Workz has been providing professional partner-assisted stretch therapy since 2014. Unlike traditional massage, Stretch Workz’ therapeutic protocol is intended to correct imbalances, relieve long-term or temporary pain, and realign the body. Whether you’re an elite athlete preparing for competition or a desk jockey who is beginning to suffer from the tell-tale signs of aging, consistent stretching can help reduce stress and anxiety and generally provide you with more energy. During your visit, a stretch therapist will assess your joint mobility and flexibility before putting you through a total-body customized stretching session (25, 55, or 90 minutes) that addresses your specific needs. “We’re trying to help everyone to feel better, to feel happier with themselves,” says managing partner Eric North. “Because at the end of the day, a flexible body means a flexible mind.” stretchworkz.com

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