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Confused About Which Product to Choose and How to Apply? Follow These Tips.

The first pomade was released in the early 1900’s made from bear fat. A one-size-fits-all styling product, it gave a greasy, shiny, look. Today’s pomades have thankfully evolved, and the term now extends to waxes, creams and clays built to give specific benefits to every hair type and style.

  1.  With variety comes confusion. Which is right?

The answer depends on the look you desire. Pomades offer varying amounts of shine, hold and texture. Some are water-based for a lighter look, others are beeswax for more substantial hold and old-school shine.  For slick hair, high shine, and strong hold, reach for a wax-based product. Common cream stylers give your hair smoothness and hold with a matte finish. For texture, clay is the best choice and allows restyling throughout the day. A powder-based product offers definition, thickness and texture without additional shine. If you want fuller-looking hair, pick out a thickening pomade.

2. How Much?

When it comes to styling products, less is more. Always start with a small amount and build from there. Too much product can leave your hair looking oily and weighed down, so better to layer the product in your hair until you have the desired result.

3. Wet or dry?

It depends on the product and desired look. Wet hair dilutes a water-based pomade by reducing its hold level. A wax-based product applied to wet hair might not coat the hair and could inhibit results. Towel-dried hair is the best bet to ensure easier application and the best performance. Dry application often works best for fine or thinning hair. 

4. How to Apply?

To make product easier to apply, rub between your hands to heat up and emulsify. Then, apply the product from roots to ends. Once the hair is evenly coated, use a comb or fingers to set your look.

5. Looking Good!

Have fun with your products. Picking the right product and mastering technique requires trial-and-error, but worth the effort.  Remember you have many options for many looks. Do it up!

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