Weekend Getaway

Local Residents Enjoy a Staycation with Luxuries from Mercedes-Benz of Midlothian and Quirk Hotel in Richmond

Article by Joanna Tannenbaum

Photography by Nia Negrette Photography

Originally published in Midlothian Lifestyle

Midlothian Lifestyle and Short Pump City Lifestyle partner Paul Hearn of Dog Training Elite Richmond and his wife Shanon recently experienced a weekend getaway just minutes from their home. To make their experience more luxurious, they borrowed a GLB SUV from our partners at Mercedes-Benz of Midlothian. From their positive experience with the friendly staff and versatile vehicle at Mercedes-Benz to a memorable stay at the Quirk Hotel in downtown Richmond, the Hearns shared their journey with us.

On a chilly February afternoon, the Hearns arrived at Mercedes-Benz to borrow a Mercedes-Benz GLB SUV. The couple was pleased with the hassle-free, ten-minute pick-up process from the pleasant and eager-to-assist staff. The team explained how to use the SUV's various features and what to expect while driving the vehicle. The Hearns had an easy, quick, and informative experience from entering Mercedes-Benz at pick-up to driving away from the lot. They left feeling confident in Mercedes-Benz to get them to their destination safely.

Paul was very impressed with the compact yet lavish Mercedes-Benz GLB SUV. The Hearns could store their belongings in the trunk with plenty of extra space. “The car was very high tech, with great touchscreens that were easy to see, as well as many functions at your fingertips,” Paul says. He adds that the comfortable and heated seats were perfect for the cold and rainy day. The car also provided an eye-pleasing ride with changeable ambient lighting to suit any mood. Well-furnished and finely finished, the SUV allowed the Hearns to make the best of a rainy day.

The Hearns arrived at the Quirk Hotel and noticed the building’s gorgeous Italian Renaissance architecture. Inside, the atmosphere was fun, quirky, and hip! Paul and Shannon were equally impressed by the room they stayed in too. “It was spacious, minimally decorated, but still trendy and satisfying,” Paul says. “The ‘quirky’ theme continues into the room, and you find yourself smiling for no reason!” The Hearns were particularly smitten with the Q Rooftop bar and captivated by the fantastic 360-degree view of the city. During their visit, Q Rooftop was closed for the season but scheduled to reopen on April 1st.

According to the Hearns, the Quirk food was also quite enjoyable. “It was upscale enough to offer unique dishes but not too exotic for Paul, who has a little simpler palate,” Shanon says. For dinner, Paul ordered Sausage Ragu, and Shanon had Cod. Everything was delicious and well-enjoyed with a refreshing glass of Prosecco. Providing a solid start to the following day, they indulged in the tastiest coffee, while Paul raved about the Bourbon French Toast and Shanon had a delectable breakfast sandwich!

 The Hearns appreciated how close the hotel was to theaters and downtown activities. Paul and Shanon, huge animal lovers, were also thrilled to learn that the Quirk is a pet-friendly establishment. At the close of their escapade, Paul and Shanon recognized how accommodating the Quirk staff was throughout their stay. “They seemed like they were there to serve you and never made you feel like you were a bother,” Paul says. “Whenever we had a question or need, they jumped right on it and took care of it immediately. We were very impressed!” Paul and Shanon plan on returning to the Quirk, furry friends in tow, to experience Q Rooftop in warmer weather. 

On their drive back home, the Hearns, once again, experienced a peaceful ride in the SUV. Rested, recharged, and ready for the workweek, Paul and Shanon returned to Mercedes-Benz to drop off the car. “Since it was Sunday, we simply parked it near the service entrance and dropped the keys in the drop box,” Paul explains. “Super easy!” Thanks to the personable and knowledgeable staff at Mercedes-Benz and their seamless car ride, the Hearns intend on using their services again. Perhaps they can borrow a nice convertible for their warm-weather stay at the Quirk!

Mercedes-Benz of Midlothian lives up to providing “a higher level of excellence” to their customers and community partners. To learn more, call (804) 419-9600.

Book your stay at the Quirk and explore the best of Richmond’s cultural and creative offerings at:

“The hotel is awesome. It has a trendy atmosphere, yet it is calming at the same time. It is truly an enjoyable place to hang out, and it has all the things you need to enjoy your stay.” – Paul Hearn

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